Safety First

Keeping people—ours and yours—safe is as important as anything else we do.

We conduct our business in a way that gives priority to the health and safety of every employee, subcontractor and homebuyer. Our vision is to be the safest homebuilding company in all areas that we operate.

Because safety protocols fit hand-in-hand with sound building practices, providing a safe working environment also fortifies the quality and craftsmanship of the homes we build. A home that is built to strict safety specifications is almost certainly a better built home.

Pardee Homes is the first builder to receive the Voluntary Protection Programs designation for twelve consecutive years. From California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health, this designation recognizes and promotes effective worksite-based safety and health.

We aim to prevent all incidents by eliminating all potential hazards and unsafe acts. To support that goal, we require ongoing safety education for employees and subcontractors who work on the jobsite, and for all employees who work in Pardee Homes' offices.