Smart Tips to Help You Save for a Down Payment

Owning your own home is the American dream. But for many first time homebuyers, a hefty down payment can be a significant obstacle, if not a downright nightmare.

Don’t despair. Mortgage rates are still low, and home prices are attractive. With a little perseverance, you can save the down payment you need. Here are a few tips:

Financial stability is key.
Remember, […]

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How to Design an Exercise Room in Your Home

Two of the most popular forms of exercise today are worlds apart – yoga, a calming, stretching regimen, and Zumba, a high energy exercise routine inspired by Latin dance music. Yet, both can be just steps away if you have a designated workout area in your own home.

The benefits of a home workout area are many. Yoga focuses on […]

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Qualified Mortgages: What Homebuyers Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a new home, 2014 may be the right time to buy. In January, new federal lending regulations designed to protect consumers from high-risk, debt-trap loans began.

The regulations create a new category of loan called a “Qualified Mortgage,” which must follow strict guidelines aimed to protect consumers from getting trapped into loans they cannot […]

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  • One Roof, Two Generations – Keeping Your Sanity When Adult Children Move Home
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    One Roof, Two Generations – Keeping Your Sanity When Adult Children Move Home

One Roof, Two Generations – Keeping Your Sanity When Adult Children Move Home

For many adult children, going over the hill and through the woods to Grandma’s house has been replaced by going across the hall or down the stairs. The reasons may be varied, but for many boomerang kids who have moved back home after college or military service, or because of life changes such as divorce or job loss, getting […]

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How to Set up a Home Office that Works

Working from home has many advantages. Strategy sessions in sweats. Not a problem. Lattes at your convenience. Check. Even business calls in bunny slippers. No worries. Lighthearted jests aside, an ideal home office allows for comfort, efficiency and maximum productivity. With more and more people consulting, freelancing or running side businesses, a home office can provide a smart solution. […]

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Pads for Parents

If you have a senior loved one who lives with you, you’re not alone. About nine percent of seniors live with their children, children-in-laws or other family members, according to the Huffington Post, reporting on a U.S. Census Bureau study from 2012. And, the trend is steadily increasing.

Pardee Homes’ innovative new concept, the GenSmart Suite, is a perfect solution […]

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Create a Pantry Paradise!

Who doesn’t love neatly stacked shelves with items all in a row? Or strategically placed containers with essentials right at your fingertips? Just in time for the New Year, apply some of those organizational skills to your pantry. You’ll never have to hunt for the cinnamon or couscous again.

A few helpful tips will help you stay organized and turn […]

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Prep Financially Before You Buy a New Home: 5 Must Dos

Thanks to continued near record low interest rates, the outlook for the housing market remains optimistic. If you’re one of the millions considering homeownership, there are steps you should take to ensure your American dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Financial experts, such as financial consultant and television personality, Suze Orman, say it’s imperative to get your financial house in […]

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How to Create a Kid-Friendly Closet

Keep organization simple when it comes to kids’ closets. With a few easy organizational tools, kids on the go can find just what they need in a snap. Try these easy ideas to clamp down on clutter and amp up the storage.

Organize by day
Grab seven baskets or bins, and label one for each day of the week. Let your […]

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GenSmart Suites Make Ah-mazing Guest Rooms

Plush, cozy towels in the bath. Fresh cookies warm from the oven. Plus, a private entrance and separate living and dining areas. Your home will have all the comfort and little luxuries of a four star hotel with a Pardee Homes GenSmart Suite – a home within your home. Welcome your guests in a big way with thoughtful extras […]

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How to Achieve Uncluttered Closet Bliss

For some, the closet is an oasis of organization. For others, it’s where the shoes (shirts, jeans, athletic equipment, old yearbooks, broken lamps and more) reside. For most of us, it’s somewhere in between. When accommodating a host of needs, it’s easy to lose control in the closet. But, a few helpful tips will help you minimize closet clutter […]

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Buying a New Home is Like Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baking chocolate chip cookies is easy — if you follow a proven recipe and start with good, quality ingredients. Buying your new home can be easy, too. With the right combination of resources, steps and people, the whole process can run smoothly and help you to achieve amazing results.

At Pardee Homes, we are as committed to the homebuying process […]

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  • Foreclosure? New Rule May Benefit You
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    Foreclosure? Short Sale? Bankruptcy? New Rule May Benefit You

Foreclosure? Short Sale? Bankruptcy? New Rule May Benefit You

If you’ve lost your home to foreclosure or a short sale, there is a bit of good news. The Federal Housing Administration has made a major change to the FHA loan regulation regarding the waiting period if you have experienced a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. Now, you may be able to obtain a new mortgage to purchase a […]

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The Ultimate Dream Garage

At first thought, the garage might not seem like a dream room in your home – just a mundane space for the sedan or minivan. But, imagine if your garage had three or four bays? You could create your own ideal workshop, organized sports storage area or sweet spot for the ‘toys’ you’ve always wanted.

Storage galore
Clear the clutter and […]

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Homebuyers Request Downstairs Master Bedrooms

Elegant, traditional or eclectic, master bedrooms have one thing in common.They’re generally a homeowner’s sanctuary.

Increasingly, homebuyers today are asking for a specific feature when it comes to master bedrooms. They want them downstairs. These masterful additions on the first level have lots of benefits.

A master bedroom downstairs offers close proximity to the main living areas of the home, like […]

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The Ultimate Expression of Coastal North County Living

Alta Del Mar represents a dream come true for a rarefied group of homebuyers.Part of the Pardee Homes Prestige Collection, Alta Del Mar is also a vision realized for a homebuilder committed to matching a spectacular setting with equally inspiring architecture.

An enclave of luxury homes and custom homesites unlike any other in coastal North San Diego County, Alta Del […]

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Pardee Homeowners on Life in a New, Green Home

Earth Month seems the perfect time to celebrate living in an energy-efficient, green-built home. Pardee Homes has been building green for more than a decade, and our homeowners can enjoy the benefits of owning a green home for decades to come. We thought you might like to hear directly from some of our homeowners, on what it means to […]

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GenSmart: Smart Solution for Multigenerational Living

A record 51.4 million Americans live in multigenerational households, according to Pew Research Center. Pardee Homes created the GenSmart Suite with these families in mind.

Households have expanded to accommodate elderly parents, young adults, sons and daughters returning from military service, as well as family members experiencing life transitions such as divorce or illness. Some families want space for a […]

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Get your Garage Sale On

Garage sale. Rummage sale. Yard sale. By any name, great garage sales take a little planning. But spring is the perfect time to corral the clutter — and turn your unwanted items into some cold, hard cash. It’s easy! Just follow a few tips to make your event smooth sale-ing.

Timing is everything. Most garage sales are held on […]

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Foreclosure? Buying a New Home “After”

If you worked hard to purchase your own home only to lose it through foreclosure, you may wonder if you’ll ever be in a position to qualify for a mortgage. But, depending on the circumstances of the foreclosure, the foreclosure waiting period and your ability to increase your credit score, it may just be a matter of time before […]

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Say Yes to Outdoor Living Spaces – and Vitamin D

Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity more than ever before. And for good reason – being outside is good for the soul! Research has shown that connecting with nature makes people happy — leading to increased energy, a heightened sense of well-being and even a greater resistance to physical illnesses.

Backyard Oasis
In recent years, builders such as Pardee Homes […]

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The American Dream of Home Ownership is Within Reach

The American dream of owning a home is still a priority for the majority of U.S. residents, according to nationwide polls. Yet, understandably, challenges tied to the market, employment and credit have caused some people to postpone that dream.

There are options!
In California and Nevada, Pardee Homes’ HomewardBound program can help clear the hurdles over time so that residents […]

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Think You Can’t Qualify for a New Home? Think Again.

Qualifying for a home is more challenging than ever. If you haven’t cleared that hurdle–or have been afraid to try–watch this video. Linda Butterworth is a Pardee Homes Sales Counselor and she tells you about HomewardBound, our step-by-step credit analysis, enhancement and repair program.

This program is helping to clear the path to home ownership for people weren’t sure where […]

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You Can Build Your Dream at Alta Del Mar

It takes a leap of faith to build your own home, but you can move forward with confidence when you start with a solid foundation…the location. The land you choose to build on is the key to creating your dream home, and if your tastes run towards coastal living, take a look at Alta Del Mar, part of the […]

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Community Organizations Provide Gifts and Good Cheer

It’s no secret that 2013 was a challenging year for many. Yet, on a bright note, many organizations stepped up to lend a hand, especially during the holidays. Pardee Homes is pleased to support a number of community groups who aim to make life a little easier for those in need.

In each region, employees decided where to put available […]

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