Financing my home

When it's time to finance your new Pardee home, we have the right solution for you—TRI Pointe Connect.

TRI Pointe Connect offers a simple and clear path to homeownership with a full range of home financing options and a dedicated team of mortgage professionals to answer your questions and guide you through the process. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Mortgage Calculator*

Inland Empire

Kim Smith

Branch Manager

NMLS# 242959
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Cell Phone - (951) 751-5810

Tracy Shumway

Loan Consultant

NMLS# 447997
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Cell Phone - (951) 757-6878

Buffy Spargur

Loan Consultant

NMLS# 245369
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Cell Phone - (909) 578-6578

San Diego

Stacy Martin

Branch Manager

NMLS# 662183
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Office Phone - (858) 212-0647

Cell Phone - (858) 952-9097

Nina Bobadilla

Loan Consultant

NMLS# 305379
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Office Phone - (858) 212-0648

Cell Phone - (760) 505-6197

Marie Cecil

Loan Consultant

NMLS# 354280
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Direct Phone - (858) 212-0649

Office Phone - (858) 212-0650

Fax - (866) 393-8760

Cell Phone - (760) 801-4164

Las Vegas

Mike Roach

Branch Manager

NMLS# 1198343
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Office Phone - (702) 970-6807

Cell Phone - (702) 478-0606

eFax Phone - (855) 387-4230

Charlene Perez

Loan Consultant

NMLS# 391908
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Office Phone - (702) 970-6809

Cell Phone - (725) 400-6899

eFax Phone - (855) 387-4223

Vicki Plandor

Loan Consultant

NMLS# 257208
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Office Phone - (702) 970-6808

Cell Phone - (702) 573-5488

eFax Phone - (844) 556-5630

Worried about qualifying?

Pardee Homes' exclusive HomewardBound program offers FREE credit analysis and reimbursable credit repair assistance to help you clear any hurdles along the way.

Have a home to sell?

Contingent buyer? In select communities, you don't have to sell your existing home before you buy a new one. With the Smart Move Advantage** program, yours gets rented for up to three years.

*The mortgage calculator is offered for convenience only. Calculations might not reflect all related expenses. Actual terms of borrowing as specified by the lender could be different.

**Smart Move Advantage is not available in San Diego.