I Have a Home to Sell

Some friendly help for contingent buyers.

At Pardee Homes, we understand that contingent buyers could use a little extra TLC. After all, you're trying to purchase one home and sell another at the same time. BuyingSmartTM is our way of helping with both.

Apply Liberal amounts of elbow grease.

Scrub baseboards, showers, kitchen counters and everything in between until the whole house sparkles.

Look with a critical eye.

Unusual art, religious symbols or photography could be a turn-off to others.

Shine some light on the matter.

Natural light is best, but even turning on lamps and overhead lights can make a house more vibrant.

Clear the clutter.

Put knick-knacks out of site. Make sure bookshelves and magazine racks aren't over-stuffed.

Major in the minors.

Make small repairs, like touching up the grout, to reassure buyers the home has been well cared for.

Limit your furnishings.

Consider packing away extra furniture so that rooms appear more spacious and bright.

Add Life, Literally!

We're talking new plants and fresh flowers both indoors and out.

Say your goodbyes.

Give unused items a second life by donating them to a local charity or selling them at a yard sale.

Dress to impress.

If your home is older or looks "too loved", dress things up with new flooring, rented furniture or fresh paint in a warm, neutral color.

Call in the cavalry.

Through the Pardee Homes Contingency Assistance Program, expert help is available to set the right price and expedite the sale of your home. Just ask your Sales Rep for details.