Better land use, less waste.

Pardee Homes' communities are designed to be environmentally responsible and family friendly. From our earliest days, Pardee Homes developed communities that were near shopping, schools and business centers, saving families time, energy and money in commute times. And we were one of the first homebuilders to create master-planned communities where parks, trails, pools and recreation centers were part of the fabric of the neighborhood.

Our enlightened approach to land planning includes the creation of "natural" slopes planted to minimize water use and support the native eco-system. When building homes, we minimize waste by ordering pre-cut wood and other materials for our job sites and recycle most of what construction waste there is. Finally, our new stucco system insulates and protects each home in a multi-layered "blanket," further reducing energy consumption.

Many Pardee Homes communities include:

  • Dedicated open space
  • Habitat restoration and revegetation program
  • Public transportation
  • Walking trails
  • Recycled construction waste