Downsizing? 6 Tips To Declutter Your Home


Are you preparing to move, or looking to get rid of needless clutter in your home? Free your mind of the visual weight of clutter so you can enjoy the next chapter of your life. Bring a little more Zen into your home with these home organizing and decluttering tips.

1. Picture your room.
Imagine how you want your home space to look after organizing. What essential functions does each room serve? How does each room feel walking into it?

Then take a look at your stuff. Consider which items stay and which will go by categories instead of rooms. Think through the natural flow of your life to decide whether items stay in your home.

2. Start with what you see.
Ease into your moving or home organization strategy by tackling what’s in your immediate view every day, including your bathroom counters and nightstand. Once you’ve freed up your tabletops, you can start diving into the cabinet and closet spaces.

3. Create a happier space.
Does a specific item bring you happiness? Or has it sat in your closet for months just in case? That shirt you’re not particularly fond of, but put on for laundry days is easy to wave bye to once you think about it. And the extra blankets you keep around just in case and yet remain unopened in the original bag? Consider donating these so they can be put to use.

4. Give everything a home.
All your stuff you keep can be easier to find in the future if you identify now where you plan to store it in your home. If you’re moving into a new home, plan ahead and simplify by only moving with you the items that will have a place to belong.

5. Don’t fall for nostalgia.
Not everything in your closet needs to be there for you to enjoy great memories. Items such as old clothing you don’t plan on wearing or haven’t worn in a long time can be handed down or given away. The newly freed up space gives you even more room to store things you wish to be handy but are currently lying around.

6. Pledge to keep away the clutter.
Make a habit of putting away things after using them so you don’t end up with visual chaos. As soon as you’re done with an item, move it back to its home in a room.

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