17 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


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In the spirit of the New Year, it’s time to celebrate a fresh start. This year, consider making some realistic resolutions for your residence, too.

Your Pardee home can be more efficient, clean and green in the coming year with just a little effort. Here are 17 ideas to get you started in 2020.

1. Clear the clutter.
It’s one of the best and least expensive ways to make your home look better. Clean out anything you don’t use, wear or love. Toss items or donate them to charity if they are still usable. Do set manageable goals – tackle one room per month if that fits your schedule.

2. Lift your spirits with what you love.
From children’s art to coffee table books, display the things that raise your energy level and make you feel good.

3. Create and organize storage.
For the essentials, group similar items together and place them in useful containers. Stash items such as remotes in woven baskets and keys on an attractive wall hanger.

4. Choose less stuff.
Don’t bring in anything new unless you know where you are going to keep it. And remember, less is truly more when it comes to home organization.

5. Get an insurance check-up.
Visit with your agent to ensure you have the right and most cost-effective coverage. For example, you can often save money by bundling your home and auto insurance.

6. Pay a little extra on your mortgage.
If you are able, add a little more to your mortgage payment or make an additional payment each year to help save big in the long run.

7. Harness technology.
Take advantage of today’s high-tech gadgets to help you with a variety of tasks, from monitoring energy consumption and security systems to creating fun party playlists.

8. Cut your energy use.
Even simple things like turning the lights off in a room when you leave and setting your water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit can help lower energy bills.

9. Change furnace filters regularly.
Change filters every month during peak heating and cooling seasons.

10. Clean the dryer lint screen after each use.
A clogged lint screen or dryer duct greatly reduces the efficiency of your dryer, whether it’s gas or electric. Clean the lint screen after each load, and clean the exhaust duct once a year.

11. Use appliances efficiently.
Dry loads of laundry back-to-back so the dryer doesn’t cool down between loads (a warm dryer uses less energy). Run the dryer only until the clothes are dry to save energy. Wait to run the dishwasher until it is full.

12. Keep your home safe and sound.
According to the U.S. Fire Administration, smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month, and batteries should be replaced at least twice a year.

13. Plant a garden.
Enjoy fresh bounty and connecting with nature by growing a garden. If you don’t have a lot of space, use porch planters or nurture herbs on your window sill.

14. Water less.
Many Pardee homes come with drought-tolerant landscaping, but have it installed if necessary.

15. Orient your seating in conversation groups.
This improves the chances for meaningful conversation and connection in the new year.

16. Freshen up your décor.
New pillows, a plush throw or a colorful rug can brighten a room without breaking the bank.

17. Appreciate and savor what you have.
Lastly, appreciate the abundance you already have in your life. Read books on your shelf, stream a favorite movie or try a new recipe in that paella pan you’ve been meaning to use.

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