5 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer


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Summer is in full swing and that means fun in the sun, vacations and air conditioning on full blast. Brand-new homes by Pardee Homes have energy-saving technology to help lower your utility bills in the hotter months. And here are five more tips for reducing overall energy consumption during the summer, while keeping you cool and helping you save money.

Fans are friends.
The easiest way to cool your home without turning down the air conditioner is to turn on the fan. Use ceiling fans set counterclockwise to push cold air down and make the room cooler. Set up oscillating fans in workshops and garages to offset your air conditioning use. But remember to turn off the fan and the lights when you leave the room to save energy.

Become a nighttime chef.
If you can, refrain from using your oven and stovetop during the day. Wait until later in the evening when it isn’t as hot. And when you do use your stovetop, cover your pots and pans with lids to trap in the heat, reducing cooking time and energy use.

Clean equals green.
Clean your appliances and change your HVAC filters at least quarterly, and they will perform better, saving energy and helping lower your utility bills. Regular home maintenance can also reduce your energy usage year-round and keep your home running smoothly.

Vacation mode.
It’s exciting to plan a vacation, but getting ready requires more than just packing your suitcases. Roughly a quarter of all energy consumption comes from household appliances that are plugged in but turned “off.” So, if you’re going on a trip – even if it’s just for the weekend – unplug all your appliances before you leave. Save all those kilowatts and you’ll see the difference in your utility bill.

Live smarter.
Update your household appliances and devices to more energy-efficient brands and technology like digital programmable thermostats, dimmer switches and motion detectors that can be connected to your Wi-Fi for easier control. When you buy a brand-new home from Pardee Homes, all of these features and more come standard as part of the LivingSmart® program, which is designed to help you stay comfortable in your home while saving energy. Part of the program is HomeSmart® technology that uses Amazon-integrated devices so you can ask Alexa to turn off the fan in a room, turn up the temperature or turn off the outside lights. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can even turn down the air conditioning while you’re still at the office, so that when you get home it will be cooler inside – so you can keep your thermostat on a higher temperature when no one is home during the day.

Energy-efficiency starts during the construction stage of a Pardee home. Green and sustainable building materials help maintain a comfortable home temperature while reducing bills, and smart home technology helps keep them down.

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