Green Cleaning: Tips for Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning


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Keeping a Pardee home spic and span doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals or expensive products. You can care for your sparkling, healthy new home with some of these homemade, time-tested tips.

Green-cleaning basics.
Sure, you can buy commercial cleaning products labeled earth friendly. But why not just create your own natural cleaning kit? Many of those commercial products contain simple household items that you may already have at home. Stock up on baking soda, vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice and you have the basics covered for many homemade remedies.

Sparkling windows.
Dilute white vinegar in water (distilled is best). Add a little lemon juice or dish detergent, if desired. Ditch the cleaning cloths for good old-fashioned newspaper for a streak-free sparkle.

Well-functioning drains.
Pardee kitchens are a natural gathering place for entertaining – and with that comes lots of use of your kitchen sink. To keep it fresh, periodically pour baking soda in the drain, follow it with white vinegar and then flush with boiling water. You also can substitute salt for the vinegar.

Fridge freshener.
Every refrigerator needs a refresher from time to time. Put the baking soda to work again. An open box of baking soda kept in the refrigerator will absorb odors for up to three months. Tip: mark the date on the box as a reminder when it’s time to replace.

Lemony fresh everything.
Lemons are a natural way for Pardee homes to keep that new home smell while keeping it clean. The acid in lemons provides antibacterial and antiseptic benefits, but caution: lemons are not a disinfectant. That said, they are great for glass cleaning and degreasing. Add some salt to your lemon juice to naturally clean copper pots, coffee makers and microwaves. Or create a lemony spray for cleaning, well, just about everything!

Homemade furniture polish.
Love the smell of freshly polished furniture but want to skip the chemicals? Grab some olive oil from your kitchen. Mix one cup with a half cup of lemon juice for an aromatic alternative for hardwood furniture.

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