How to Brighten Up Your Backyard Naturally


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If you love colorful landscapes, but think warm and drier summer months mean dormant and dreary gardens, we have good news. With a little planning and smart choices, you can maintain an eye-catching outdoor color palette for your Pardee home year-round. Here are ways to achieve a colorful, blooming garden that’s drought tolerant and low maintenance.

Drought tolerant landscaping and wooden furniture create a backyard space that's both useful and environmentally friendly.

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Go native.
Take a page from professional landscapers: choose native plants that thrive in your home’s climate and soil. They have built-in armor against local pests and they quench their thirst through normal rainfall amounts. You’ll save money on fertilizers, pest control and water. And less maintenance means more time to enjoy your new home’s colorful bounty, and less time caring for it.

Keep it local.
Look for plants that are both native and local. You’ll be creating not only a colorful yard for your new home, but also critical natural habitat for local animals. Nevada is home to 2,800 native plant species. And, in California, more than 5,000 native plants and 30 biotic communities rely on each other to thrive. Use Escondido-based Las Pilitas Nursery’s search tool to find local habitat communities, or ask your favorite nursery for advice.

A variety of seating options make outdoor spaces more useful.

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Plant, don’t pamper.
Resist the urge to pick, prune and pamper your colorful flowering beds. Those dried flowers you may think are ready for the compost pile actually provide sumptuous summer seed treats for birds. Keep supplemental watering to a minimum. And let your plants grow naturally, with only occasional pruning. Bonus: your plants’ natural shape offers more protection for birds and more places for them to hang out.

Consider these options.
Looking for native, drought-tolerant color? Attract hummingbirds throughout summer with California Fuchsia’s orange-red flowers. Verbena ‘De la Mina’ is a butterfly magnet. Island Tree Mallow’s delicate lavender flowers will draw bees, while demanding little water. St. Catherine’s Lace provides white summer season blooms great for cut flowers in your Pardee Homes kitchen. Or create a native desert color garden using Penstemons, Desert Marigold, White Primrose and other Las Vegas area favorites.

Vibrant greenery and a water feature gives this Pardee Homes backyard a relaxing, rejuvenating feel.

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Aim for a variety of sizes and shapes for a layered, full look to your flower beds. A mix of colors brings interest and pizzazz, or go for a single color theme (pinks, fuchsia, magenta, for instance) to deliver unified impact.

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