Party Like It’s Earth Day!


Earth Day gatherings are a lot more fun when you have a theme. Here’s how you can throw a neighborhood block party to celebrate Earth Day, get to know your neighbors and support the ultimate cause, a healthy planet.

Exchange Plants Instead of Cookies.
If you like holiday cookie swaps, try a plant swap. Share a ready-to-plant herb, vegetable or decorative plant, and take home something new to plant in your own garden. As a bonus, just think of the calories you’ll save by not swapping cookies!

Have a Sustainable Potluck.
Everyone brings something delicious made with at least one locally-grown ingredient. Shop for your goods at a local farmer’s market or a grocer that carries sustainable foods. Reduce your neighborhood footprint even more by having one volunteer do all the shopping for the recipes.

Invite a Speaker.
Even if you already know the benefits of buying locally grown food, there’s always more to learn from an expert. Contact your city’s sustainable food center to request a speaker – he or she will definitely be the life of the party.

Resolve to Make Lasting Change.
During your party, have a sign-up list for neighbors interested in carpooling to your local farmer’s market each Saturday. You’ll be bringing sustainable foods to your tables not just on Earth Day, but all year long.

Have each neighbor share a pledge to make one earth-friendly change this year. The Earth Day website is looking for One Billion Acts of Green. You can enter your pledge as an individual or as a community.

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