Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With These Tips


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As summer temperatures heat up, so does energy usage. In fact, each year, Southern California’s July energy usage is typically about twice what it is in January. With hotter weather comes more water usage as well. Reducing your carbon footprint is good for the environment, and for your wallet. Here are some ways to get started this summer.

Apply the three R’s.
Want to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle? Think in terms of the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. First, look for ways to reduce your consumption of electricity, water, fuel and other non-renewable resources. Green builder Pardee Homes makes that easy for homeowners. For example, its Living Smart® program incorporates dimmer switches, motion detectors, energy-efficient heating systems and programmable thermostats – all helping reduce your electrical usage while keeping your family comfortable.

At the same time, find ways to reuse and recycle what you can. Think plastic utensils, boxes, glass bottles, wrapping paper, packaging, the list is endless. Built-in kitchen recycling bins, like those included in Pardee homes, help you easily separate recyclables. Join the DIY movement to upcycle old items into usable new creations, instead of adding them to the landfill.

Create water-conscious landscapes.
Drought-tolerant landscaping is both beautiful and earth-smart. Opt for native species that demand little water. Ask your local nursery for suggestions. Check sprinkler systems regularly for leaks, and when it’s time, replace that outdated system with a drip irrigation system. Smart drip irrigation systems, such as the ones available as part of Pardee Homes’ WaterSmart® program, help ensure water is being used efficiently.

Go local.
Buying locally sourced fruits and vegetables reduces the distance your food traveled to you, saving fuel and reducing air pollution. Pick up everything you need for dinner at one of the nearby farmer’s markets to enjoy in your Pardee Homes kitchen or outdoor living space.

Ditch the four wheels.
Vehicles are a major source of U.S. air pollution. Make a commitment to spend less time driving your car, and more time enjoying your community by foot or bike. Pardee Homes communities are designed with active, connected living in mind. Leave the car home when you can. Instead, hit the nearby trails for a quiet walk, or take a daily bike ride around the neighborhood. You’ll be doing the environment, and your health, a favor.

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