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Have you been looking at “green” homes, but noticed that many aren’t as sustainable as they claim to be? Or have you found that the eco-friendly work ends when the construction does? Then look no further than Pardee Homes. Pardee Homes is the green builder you can trust to provide your dream home and neighborhood while continuing to help the earth for years after you move in.

A Leader in Green Building
Sustainability is a core value at Pardee Homes, so much so that in 2001, we built an entire program around it, the LivingSmart® program. And even before then, we were thinking about how to improve home design and construction and enhance the everyday lives of the families who live in our homes. The research for the LivingSmart program began in 1998, and it has only grown and improved since then, as we continue to incorporate new materials, technologies and features. Our Pardee Homes team is proud to be a leader in green building.

The LivingSmart Program
The LivingSmart program is all about health and well-being for you, your family and our planet, saving you money and saving the earth’s resources. This program is included in all of the homes that we build, and is made up of five specific areas of advancement: EnergySmart®, HealthSmart®, EarthSmart®, WaterSmart® and HomeSmart®.

All the EnergySmart technology works together to provide you with a comfortable home, while lowering your energy consumption and utility bills. It starts during construction with radiant barrier roof sheathing, which reflects heat off the house, and high-performance Low-E (Low-emissivity) windows that allow plenty of light in, while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. Plus, the tankless water heater provides continuous hot water only when you need it, and ENERGY STAR® appliances will save you time and money for years to come.

With our concentration on health at Pardee, we make a point of using HealthSmart products to protect you and your family every day. Interiors are painted with Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, insulation is low to zero formaldehyde, and an optional central vacuum system deposits dirt and debris into a canister in the garage. All these items help improve the indoor air quality in your Pardee home.

At Pardee, we use sustainable building materials to help conserve natural resources. Recycled materials are used wherever possible, such as in the plush, stain-resistant carpet and padding. And, we continue to support recycling even after the homes are finished with built-in recycling bins in the kitchens.

Part of sustainability is being conscious of how much water we use. Our Pardee homes include WaterSense faucets, showerheads and toilets that are water-efficient, so you can conserve your daily water usage. We also use native and sustainable landscaping in our communities, preserving the land and lowering water usage in areas that have drought tolerant plants.

HomeSmart devices simplify complex systems and allow you to remain comfortable and in control. At many participating neighborhoods, the basic HomeSmart package may include smart light switches and/or dimmers, a video doorbell, a keyless entry lock, an automatic garage door opener, programmable thermostats, a mesh home Wi-Fi network system and an Amazon Echo device to control it all. You can turn the temperature down two degrees with a swipe of a finger on your smartphone or tablet, or ask Alexa to dim the lights 50 percent in the living room.

At Pardee Homes, we strive to lay the foundation for a better life, one that you can feel good about for your family and this planet we all call home.

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