10 Essential Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners


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Your home may not need regular oil changes or tire rotation, but just like your car, it can benefit from regular maintenance. Keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks can help you prevent future headaches and unnecessary repairs.

Check out the quarterly and annual tasks below and consider adding them to your regular maintenance schedule.


• Clean your vents. Make sure there aren’t any obstructions and vacuum them out. Eliminating dust bunnies will help save on your energy bill.
• Examine exposed wood. Check outside trim and in your attic for insect damage and do any insect preventive maintenance that might be needed.
Perform window maintenance. Remove screens, clean window wells and dry them. Thoroughly clean windows while you’re at it.
Check and clean refrigerator and freezer coils.
 Check all caulking. Repair as needed.
• Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Leaves and other debris that decompose can eventually clog your exterior draining system. Also, overflowing gutters can damage windowsills and wood trim.
• Shampoo carpets as needed.


• Clean out your chimney. Unless you are a professional, contact a reputable chimney sweep service. Birds and animals may build nests in the summer, and excessive soot deposits can easily obstruct flues and dampers, increasing chances for a fire.
• Request a heating/AC check-up. Have your heating system and AC unit(s) checked and serviced by a reputable provider. Tip: Beat the seasonal rush and schedule your checkup for heat in the fall and AC in the spring.
• Hold a family refresher on emergency plans and escape routes. Ensure family members know what to do in case of a fire, inclement weather or other emergency.

Performing maintenance throughout the year makes it easier to keep your home in good working condition.

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