New Home: 10 Laundry Room Ideas


Even for workday chores like laundry, create a comfortable, efficient space. Organization is the key, and we’ve got the spin to lighten your load and create a laundry room you’re sure to love.

Maximize Storage.
Stackable or spacious, storage will make your life easier. If space allows, create built in cabinets, shelving and even a pull down ironing board to optimize the wall space in your laundry room. If your budget doesn’t allow for laundry room built-ins, you can achieve the same function with sturdy free-standing organizational options. Pottery Barn has stylish metal and marble etageres that combine form and function giving you multiple spaces for folded towels, sheets and other items. Bonus: there’s room for your laundry supplies, too.

Easy Reach
Store laundry supplies, such as detergent and fabric softener, near the washer and dryer. Add a clothing or towel rod or to hang items.

Iron Station
Take a tip from top hotels and use a stow-away ironing board system with a wall hook to keep the board from becoming a stumbling blocks or a catch-all. View Southern Living’s tips on organizing a laundry room.

Good, Clean Fun
Adequate laundry room supplies are essential to making laundry day efficient. Keep on hand all you need including soap, fabric softener, stain removal products, an iron and mending supplies. Martha Stewart likes to think outside of the box, removing detergent from large, unwieldy boxes and placing it smaller, attractive containers.

A Space for Everything
Bins, boxes and baskets can keep everything organized. Make laundry room décor fun with whimsical labels or pretty cloth-lined baskets. Try a shower caddy or portable tool carrier to hold bleach pens, stain removal spray and other necessities. Real Simple provides great organization ideas.

Color Coding
Sort laundry by color. Toss whites, colors, delicates and heavily soiled items into separate bins or collapsible multi-basket hampers.

Hook ‘em
Hooks are a simple and inexpensive way to add storage. Install hooks behind a door or along a wall to hang dry items that are not dryer-safe. Or repurpose a standing coat and hat rack and place in a corner.

Stain Defense
Red wine, chocolate or ground in grime from that slide into home plate? You’ll be prepared if you post a handy stain removal chart where you can easily find it – above the washer, inside a cabinet door or on a corkboard.

Add a Pop of Personality
For a fun design touch, mix vintage pieces with sleek modern items. For example, a painted pine bench can mix with an industrial metal cabinet. Repurpose round metal carts or even an antique shopping basket to hold laundry. Even folding may be more fun.

Use free space in your laundry room to store gift wrap, ribbon, basic tools or pet supplies.

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