10 New Home Organization Tips


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Moving into a new home is your chance to start fresh, and that includes your home organization. Little steps will go a long way in making big organizational improvements to your home. Here are some easy ways to quickly get organized without breaking your budget.

1. Clear your kitchen countertops.
Keep only the items you use every day out on your countertops.

2. Leave what you need for on the go.
Designate a drop zone with open storage or cubbies near your primary entrance for backpacks, keys and other items.

3. Encourage organization with the kiddos.
Here’s another way to make school mornings a little smoother: Provide clear containers with picture labels to help young children sort and find their own clothing.

4. Look for organizational bargains.
Confront the junk drawer challenge head-on with inexpensive organizers. Use mesh dividers, silverware trays or even re-purposed bank check boxes to organize the mishmash. The Container Store has lots of sleek, affordable options.

5. Create a command central.
Use an inexpensive chalkboard or dry erase board as a command central. Write down weekly schedules, grocery lists and the much-debated chore assignments.

6. Make your home office incognito.
If you don’t have a workspace, turn an unused closet into a small efficiency office. A simple countertop with shelving is all you need. Just close the door when you’re done.

A guest room is also a great spot for a workspace. Consider an armoire that can hide your computer and papers when guests arrive.

Go vertical.
Take advantage of vertical space to create more room around your daily activities. Consider adding mounted shelves and drawers.

8. Keep shoes off the floor.
A shoe-free floor is one of the fastest ways to a cleaner and less chaotic space. If you find yourself constantly tripping over shoes in the living room, also add a shoe cubby to the entryway.

In your closet, choose shoe stackers or over-the-door shoe organizers to get those stilettos and slingbacks off the floor. You can save valuable time when you’re able to quickly find what you need.

9. Storing sheets.
In the linen closet, store sheet sets inside one of the pillowcases and you’ll never have to waste time hunting down matching pillowcases again.

10. Create kitchen storage zones.
Organize baking, appliances, snacks and food prep items into zones so similar items are close by to save time around cooking and cleaning.

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