10 Staycation Ideas for Families


Sometimes the best vacation is one where you can come home and sleep in your own bed. Staycations can be fun for the whole family. Need inspiration? Here are 10 staycation ideas to try:

Picnic in the Park

All you need is a blanket, an easy-to-pack lunch and a park. You can make it really simple, and pick a park right in your neighborhood. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, find a state or national park near you to explore.

Go on a Geocaching Adventure

Geocaching is a lot like a real life treasure hunt. Using a smartphone app or GPS, follow a set of coordinates and clues to find hidden containers (the geocaches) filled with all sorts of trinkets. Geocaches are everywhere in public – neighborhoods, parks, trees, parking lots – so you probably won’t have to venture far to find a geocache near you.

Cook Outside

Find a fun, outdoor cooking recipe, and make it in your backyard. For picky eaters, try simple favorites like burgers and hot dogs. If you want to experiment with campfire recipes, try recipes for Cowboy Casserole or Campfire Potatoes.

Visit a Museum

Art, natural history or planetarium, there’s bound to be a museum near you. Pick one you’ve never been to, or revisit your family’s favorite one. Some museums offer educational activities for children, so ask your local museum for their current schedule. The American Alliance of Museums offers a tool to find museums in your area.

Camp in Your Backyard

Backyard camping will entertain the kids, with or without an actual tent. Include some yard games and glow-in-the-dark bubbles, and you’re all set for a night of fun. Here are some more backyard camping ideas.

Visit Your Local Library

Your library card can get you books, movies, magazines, albums and more. Some libraries even let you check out e-books and download them onto your devices right from your computer. Choose a book from your bucket list, or ask your librarian for a recommendation.

Host a Game Night

Friendly competition will surely bring hours of entertainment for family and friends. Some favorites include Monopoly, Apples to Apples® and Clue, or you can whip out the pool cues and playing cards if you want to raise the stakes.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Local farmer’s markets are more than just vegetable stands. Often times, there is live music, concessions and entertainment. Spend a morning walking about, and you may find a new favorite soap or a delicious jam. Find a farmer’s market near you at LocalHarvest.

Have a Movie Night

Whether it’s a classic or the latest blockbuster on video-on-demand, snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie never fails to entertain. Bring out concession stand favorites like popcorn, nachos and hot dogs to make it an event. 

Do Something Touristy

Be a tourist in your own hometown for a day. Pick a landmark, attraction or restaurant that tourists visit regularly but locals tend to stay away from, and just go there. Fanny packs are optional.

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