3 Tips for Ultimate Laundry Room Organization


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In any active, busy home, a revolving load of clothes in the laundry room is a given. But with a little organization, you can turn laundry day into your favorite day of the week. And your laundry room into an ideal room in your new home! Here are a few ways to wrangle the clutter and bring zen to a Pardee Homes laundry room.

Separate your washables.
The sight of dirty clothes piled on your new laundry floor or on the counter is enough to make the strongest of us cringe. Turn that cringe into a grin with a few creative hacks. First, tackle laundry sorting on the front end – right when the dirty items arrive in your new home’s laundry room. Make it easy for the entire family to sort their washables. Use woven or cloth baskets, hanging laundry bags or tilt-out bins hidden inside cabinets to keep laundry sorted, and out of view. Mark each container using labels or create luggage tags to designate each group: colors, whites, delicates, dry cleaning, etc.

Create spaces for clean laundry.
In a Pardee home, you’ll find lots of cabinets, shelves and counter space to make folding and working easier. Want more countertop space? Install a DIY wooden counter over your washer and dryer. Not only will it augment your built-in folding space, but it also adds more room for crafting, painting, flower arranging, sewing, gift wrapping, you name it.

Invest in tension or closet rods that can be installed under a shelf or cabinet. Let your rod do double-duty for hanging drip-dry items, and use it for hanging laundered shirts and dresses to keep them from wrinkling. Tip: If you group hang-ups by family member, putting clean clothes away is as easy as grab-and-go.

What about the orphaned socks? Put lone socks and any other unclaimed items in a basket, where they can be out of sight but accessible when their match magically appears weeks later. And designate a jar for emptying pockets of spare change and assorted sundries.

Keep supplies handy.
Ditch the bulky plastic laundry detergent containers. Instead, transfer detergent into attractive glass jars that are more manageable and let you see when supplies are running low. Place dryer sheets, stain remover and other cleaning supplies within visible, easy reach. Consider creating repair kits (shoe care and sewing kits, for example) that turn a Pardee Homes laundry room into a one-stop cleaning shop.

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