5 At-Home Workouts for All Skill Levels


We’re all spending a lot more time inside as we focus on health and safety. But you don’t have to give up your workout plan just because you can’t go to the gym. Here are five types of workouts you can do at home to get you moving and help you stay active. With some easy modifications, all of these exercises can work for different skill levels and ages.

Create a space.
First, find an area that you feel comfortable working out in. You can create a workout space in your home or turn your garage into a home gym. Or maybe you just want to stick to the yoga mat. Why not try putting it outside for a change of scenery? Homes by Pardee Homes have flex spaces that make it easy for you to turn a bonus room or outdoor space into a home gym, Zen zone for yoga or whatever else you need.

Control your breath.
Yoga combines breathing techniques and meditation with physical movements and stretches. If you’re not sure where to begin, or if your yoga practice could use some inspiration, watch a video from Adriene Mishler. Her YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, has hundreds of free yoga videos which she breaks down into categories for a wide range of skill levels, lengths and focuses.

Power through with Pilates.
Pilates is a type of low-impact exercise that targets your core while also building strength in your muscles and improving flexibility. And you can do it at home with a mat. Just starting your Pilates journey? There are introduction exercises you can begin with to get your whole body moving and work your core. For more intermediate students, learn the traditional order of Pilates mat exercises before moving on to more advanced moves. And don’t forget to use your breath patterns.

Get your heart pumping.
For cardio, nothing beats a jog or run outside. And if you have a stationary bike or treadmill at home, use a workout plan specifically designed for that equipment to stay on track. You can even walk around your house and use a step counter app, Fitbit or your smartphone to keep track of your steps. A stairs workout is also a great way to raise your heart rate without any special equipment.

Feel the burn.
You don’t need weights to start a regimen of bodyweight exercises for strength training at home. There are also a lot of fitness apps that can help you stay active or get you started on a new plan. And if you’re missing the gym, CrossFit At Home has workout videos you can follow in your living room using jugs of water. Looking for a challenge? Head to the Beast Skills website for tutorials and videos. Work up to a chair handstand, or perhaps you’re ready for a one-arm handstand!

Pardee homes have the space for you and your family to stretch out and exercise, both indoors and out. To learn more about Pardee homes, contact one of our New Home Specialists today.

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