5 Design Trends to Follow


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Do you have an eye for design? Love rearranging your furniture, decorating your home with fun accents and keeping up with the latest trends in home interiors? So do we. Read on for Pardee Homes’ five design trends to follow, and let the inspiration begin.

Mixed Furniture
Gone are the days of buying a complete living room set. Forward-thinking design is all about mixing it up – older with newer and lighter with darker. Don’t be afraid to mix different furniture styles and shades together. Mid-century modern, modern farmhouse, antique pieces, West Elm®, IKEA® – they all have a place in your home. A mixed-furniture look adds charm and shows off your personality, and creates a space that’s uniquely you.

Curved Sofas
Non-traditional sofa shapes are in. Of course, long, rectangular sofas will never go away, but more and more people are choosing curved sofas. A curved shape can bring people closer – literally and figuratively. Sitting closer to people encourages connections and creates a greater sense of “gathering around,” especially when hosting guests. Put a low coffee table in front of your curved sofa and you have a great spot for relaxing and chatting, as well as a place to set your food or drinks.

Accent Wallpaper
If you thought we left wallpaper in the ’80s, you’re wrong. Wallpaper is back, and it’s better than ever! It’s made a comeback in recent years, in bold and fun patterns – especially palm and tropical prints. One way to elevate a space is by using wallpaper as an accent on a single wall, inside a cabinet or on any other small space that could use some cheer. For example, you could try dressing up your laundry room with a colorful wallpaper print above the washer and dryer. Textured wallpaper can also add an interesting element to an otherwise ho-hum space. Have fun with it and make it your own.

Counter-to-Ceiling Kitchen Backsplashes
Who says the kitchen backsplash has to stop at the cabinets? One popular design trend right now is the full-tile backsplash that goes from the counter all the way up to the ceiling. When done with bold tiles, patterns and colors, it can create an especially striking effect in your kitchen. Like in Pardee homes, modern kitchens tend to be part of an open concept layout, meaning that the kitchen is always on display. Using a distinct color or pattern for your kitchen backsplash can both create a focal point for the space and add an element of interest for a one-of-a-kind kitchen guests will remember.

Found Objects
Objects picked up from antique shops, secondhand stores or even family members can go a long way in your home decorating. And, we love the idea of giving new life to older pieces – whether it’s an old sign from your grandfather’s hardware store or a corkboard made from wine bottle corks. Some items may need a little paint or polishing, which is where the fun comes in. You get to decide how the object will live in your home, so don’t be afraid to give it a personality of its own. Incorporating your own style into your home lets your guests have a glimpse into your family and personality, and found objects can also be great conversation starters with first-time visitors.

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