5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Back-to-School


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After the lazy days of summer, returning to school schedules can be an adjustment. Get an A+ from the students with these tips to prepare for back to school.

Ease into the new schedule.
Gradually adjusting routines before the first morning’s wake-up buzzer will make for a smoother transition. Start scaling back the backyard evenings under the stars a couple of weeks before school starts. Slowly move bedtimes earlier, and plan some enticing early morning breakfast spreads that get the kiddos up and moving early.

Give summer a send-off.
Celebrating big life events helps us adjust to – and embrace – change. And while the start of school might not be considered a big life event, who hasn’t felt a bit melancholy when summer comes to a close? Make the change of seasons an occasion to be celebrated. Involve the family in planning a summer send-off about a week before school starts. One last day trip? A backyard campout and movie night? A picnic? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Prepare study spaces.
Your students need quiet, organized places to learn, and Pardee Homes offers plenty of options. As more students continue online learning at home, let the kids have a say in where they’d like their study space. It could be a dedicated desk space in their bedroom, a quiet corner of the kitchen bar, or even the back patio on nice days. Many Pardee homes even offer home offices and reading nooks for added working space and comfort. Regardless, make a family project to clear off any clutter accumulated over the summer, test internet connections for that space and gather school supplies.

Get organized.
Choose a place as command central for keeping track of everyone’s commitments and schedules. Hang a dry-erase calendar or chalkboard and keep markers, chalk and sticky notes handy. For bonus points, you can even color code entries for each family member. Or try one of the digital tools like the Cozi app or G Suite’s Google Calendar.

Stock the pantry.
Healthy brains need healthy foods. Make sure your pantry is well-stocked with healthy snacks, drinks, and breakfast and lunch options. Dedicate a lower shelf for grab-and-go snacks. Organize the refrigerator for easy access to cold lunch and breakfast items, and allocate a drawer for juices and waters.

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