5 Tips to Make Your Big Game Party a Win


So, everyone is looking for a place to watch the big game and you think, “I have a lot of space; I have a great TV; and I make a mean 5-layer bean dip.” Congratulations, you are well on your way to throwing a great party! But here are some tips to make sure it goes off without a hitch:

Be realistic about the guest list.

Considering the fact that most of your guests will want a decent view of the TV, it would be unfair to pack in your friends and family in like a bunch of pigskin-loving sardines. A guest should be able to comfortably view the game, preferably with an option to sit. If you don’t have a ton of seats, ask a few closer friends to bring chairs with them. Bonus tip: If you want to have a bigger guest list and you have a sizable outdoor area, consider moving a television to a covered outdoor area, or projecting the game onto a screen or the side of your house after it gets dark.

Get people in the spirit!

Some football-themed décor can go a long way in getting people in the spirit to watch the game. Cover the tables with artificial turf, or cut out circles and make them into coasters. You can even create a “concession stand” with everyone’s favorite ballgame snacks. Speaking of…

Don’t forget the snacks!

Besides the actual game, food and drink will probably be taking center stage during your party. You should have novelty snacks like these Oreo cookie ball helmets along with the staples that everyone loves. The Food Network has an extensive list of great dips, sliders and snack mixes that are sure to win over even the pickiest of crowds.

Consider everyone.

Not all of your guests will be football fans. Consider setting up a room or area where guests feel free to socialize and mingle without feeling like they are being a distraction. And you should probably set up a TV in the area to play the Puppy Bowl, because everyone loves puppies!

Clean up!

You might want to employ the help of some of your closest friends to stick around after the party. Cleaning up the night of will save you a real headache, and with the help of a few others, should go by quite quickly. And don’t forget to have plenty of open trash cans around during the party so guests aren’t wandering the halls trying to find where to put their empty plates.

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