6 Creative Ways to Display Artwork in Your Home


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You just bought a piece of art and you can’t wait to hang it in your house. Or, maybe you just moved into your brand-new home by Pardee Homes and are ready to start hanging your pieces and making the space your own. Either way, you’re probably looking for new and interesting ways to display your works of art. Here are six fresh and creative ways to exhibit artwork in your home.

Bring the gallery home.
The gallery wall is always a classic option for hanging pieces by your favorite artist, or a selection of work that you’ve amassed over the years. Gallery walls work in the hallway, living room, dining room or really, any room. Pardee Homes offers spacious open floor plans, providing you with plenty of wall space to hang your treasured artwork. And, with Amazon-integrated technology like you’ll find in all Pardee homes as part of the HomeSmart® program, you can set your lights on a dimmer, and with a simple voice command ask Alexa to turn on “Gallery Lighting.”

living room with gallery wall
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Invite the kitchen to the party.
You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it should be a space that shows your personal style. If you have plenty of counter space, or a large kitchen island like the ones in Pardee homes, then you can display pictures and objets d’art on your countertop. If you prefer to keep your countertops clear, install a magnetic strip or clothesline under your upper cabinets to display art. They are great for showing off your postcard collection or the kids’ artwork, keeping it all organized and off the refrigerator.

kitchen with big island
Cresta Plan 3 | Los Angeles | Pardee Homes

Make art out of everyday items.
Looking for a more unexpected way to hang your art? Pull items from your closet or office. You can use wooden clamp hangers, binder clips or clipboards to create an updated, modern gallery wall. Just place them on a nail or decorative hook and you have an easy way to display posters, photographs and more. Paint them to match your décor, or leave them as they are for a more industrial look.

Living, breathing art.
Think outside the box and try plant art. Make a green art piece using moss, succulents, herbs or air plants. They make a fresh wall arrangement and are super easy to care for. Use a shadow box to test it out, or go all in and do a whole wall. This works for small or large displays, and even ceilings. Bring the outdoors in and breathe in the beauty.

We love layers.
Line up canvases or framed pieces with a slight overlap for a textured, layered look that will stand out from the wall and add dimension to your space. Display them on a shelf in your living room, the sideboard in the dining room or a dresser in your bedroom. For “invisible shelves,” paint your floating shelves to match your walls so that they blend in, making your art pop even more.

Display your keepsakes.
Art can be anything. An old typewriter. A tea towel. Your hat collection. You should display all your treasures in your home so you can enjoy them every day. Tuck cherished letters or photographs into an old typewriter. Use a wooden ladder to display textiles like quilts. Or, try a wooden poster hanger to show off your favorite tea towel. If you have a hat or bag collection, make it a focal point by displaying it on a wall for a 3D collage look.

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Whether you like to bring in new items or repurpose old treasures, Pardee homes are perfect for displaying artwork.

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