6 Decorating Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Like Home


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The warm weather of summer calls for vacations, backyard barbecues and outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Spend more time in your own backyard this season with these six ideas that will transform your outdoor space and extend your living area.

Designate zones.
Your outdoor space can have all the inviting, comfortable aspects of your living room, plus fresh air and natural light. Start by creating zones: one for sitting, one for dining, one for outdoor games – whatever you need in your backyard. Use outdoor rugs to help define the zones while tying the space together. And to really connect the indoors and outdoors, use the same color palette for your outdoor space and interior rooms.

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Use multi-purpose outdoor furniture.
Repurpose the furniture you have or invest in some versatile pieces that can do double duty. Patio furniture is available in separate pieces so you can rearrange them to create a sofa for lounging or individual chairs for a seating area. If you have a fire pit, clean and empty it and place a tray on top for an instant coffee table. Two smaller dining tables can be pushed together to make one big table for alfresco dining. Add cushions and pillows for comfort and pops of color.

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Light your space.
Improve your backyard’s lighting for nighttime gatherings by stringing lights across your backyard. Or, hang a chandelier or pendant light in your outdoor room to dress up your space and add ambiance. You can also put solar-powered or LED candles in lanterns and bird cages and hang or place them around your space to double as décor and light.

Cook outside.
If you haven’t already, give your outdoor kitchen a good cleaning and get it ready for summer barbecues and dinner parties. And if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, this might be the season to start building one. The easiest thing to start with is an outdoor bar or even just a bar cart. To stock your bar cart or outdoor kitchen, you can borrow items from your kitchen like glassware and ceramic dishes, or use melamine and acrylic pieces in bright colors and prints that are just for summer. Once you have a bar area set up, invest in a good grill and start honing your skills for the next cookout.

Draw the curtains.
Hang fade-resistant outdoor curtains to make your outdoor room or patio feel like a resort-style cabana. They’ll help cool down your space and block out direct rays to create a shady retreat. Plus, you can draw them closed for privacy if your neighbors aren’t far away.

Add greenery.
Plant summer-blooming flowers for color and fragrance, or try sustainable landscaping that is native to your area to help conserve water and resources. If you don’t have a green thumb, start with a container herb garden and you’ll have fresh ingredients for cooking and baking in no time.

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Spend the summer in style.
You could be celebrating summer on a beautiful covered patio overlooking a landscaped backyard with a brand-new home from Pardee Homes. All Pardee homes come with an outdoor space, so your living space is extended and indoor/outdoor entertaining is a breeze. Glass doors open to the outdoors, providing plenty of light indoors and a natural transition to the backyard.

Make your home your new vacation destination this summer, creating a comfortable space that you want to spend time in with family and friends.

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