6 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Townhome

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Whether you’re buying your first townhome or downsizing to fit a new lifestyle, Pardee Homes’ townhomes offer convenience, accessibility and low-maintenance living, not to mention a built-in community. Wondering how to maximize the space in your townhome? Here are six tips to help you create an open, airy feel in any room.

Keep things light.
Painting the walls of your townhouse a lighter color can make a big impact. These colors reflect the light, making rooms feel brighter and bigger. A calming white is perfect, but any neutral tone will work. To create a dramatic effect, include pops of color in your furnishings for contrast. Don’t forget about the power of natural light: Pardee’s townhomes feature large windows that let the sunshine in, providing an extra source of light along with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Make use of mirrors.
Mirrors reflect the light in a room and make the space feel open and welcoming. A few well-positioned mirrors can double the amount of sunlight in your townhome. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window is especially effective. Oversized mirrors work best, but smaller mirrors grouped together create a similar effect. You can even incorporate mirrors in your kitchen by gluing them on cabinet doors or hanging one behind your stove.

Limit your belongings.
Embracing the popular minimalist look is a great way to maximize the space in your townhouse. When you declutter your home and focus on a few carefully selected pieces of furniture, your space looks tidy and organized. The result is a room that feels spacious and serene. There are no distracting knick-knacks or loose papers, just a sense of calm and a few well-placed accessories, like bright accent pillows or abstract artwork.

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Choose multifunctional furniture.
Incorporating furniture that can serve multiple purposes is both practical and visually appealing. Want some extra space for guests? Get a sofa bed for your living room. Need additional storage? Use a chest as your coffee table. Looking for a creative way to display your books? Add a floor lamp with built-in shelving. By selecting pieces that can perform double duty, you are able to open up a room and set a relaxing atmosphere.

Be strategic.
It’s important to think strategically about the placement of your furniture and accessories when you want to maximize the space in your townhome. Mounting light fixtures on the wall or ceiling can provide more light to a larger area of the room while allowing you to simplify your furnishings. Placing larger pieces of furniture against the wall creates an open space that makes the room feel airy and spacious.

Establish a focal point.
Each room should have its own focal point, or one main area that naturally attracts the eye. Some rooms have obvious focal points, like the bed in the bedroom or the table in the dining room. In the living room, you can get creative. Perhaps you have a large piece of art you’d like to highlight, or maybe a gallery wall of photographs from your travels. Arrange your furniture around the focal point without overwhelming it, and limit the number of competing accessories.

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