7 Things to Do Before Leaving for Summer Vacation


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The time has come! After months of anticipation, you’re ready for your hard-earned vacation. Before you lock the doors and hit the road, make sure your house is ready, too. Here are seven things you should do before you head out on your summer vacation to help ensure your Pardee home remains in tip-top shape.

Line up pet care.
If your furry family members aren’t going with you, make sure they’re well taken care of during your absence. Boarding kennels can book up months in advance, so start calling around now if you haven’t already done so. Or ask a neighbor to trade off time pet sitting with you.

Adjust your thermostat.
Take advantage of the opportunity to save some money on your energy bill and set the thermostat a few degrees higher than normal before you leave. But don’t turn your A/C off completely; it’s best to keep air circulating throughout your home. Don’t want to walk into a stuffy house? No problem. Pardee Homes’ LivingSmart® program features Amazon-integrated devices. Simply open the Alexa app on your smartphone and ask Alexa to lower the temperature when you’re close to home.

Take care of the outside.
Landscaping grows more slowly during the hot summer months, but even native plants may need some water while you are gone. Give any trees and shrubs a good watering before leaving, along with any indoor plants. Ask a neighbor to stop to check in occasionally if you plan to be away for several days.

Turn everything off.
This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to accidentally leave a light on — especially with vacation on your mind. Before you lock up, be sure to do a quick tour of your home and make sure you turned off all your lights and unplugged your appliances. Prefer to turn the lights off a little later? Let Alexa help. Pardee Homes’ HomeSmart® technology allows you to set a schedule for your lights and turn appliances on and off from your smartphone.

Clean your home.
A clean home is a welcome sight after a long trip away. You don’t have to do a deep clean, but you should at least wash the dishes, clean the countertops, vacuum the floors and take out the garbage. You’ll feel better when you walk in the front door, and you’ll settle in a little easier.

Stop your mail service.
If you’re gone for a week or longer, it’s a good idea to contact the post office and put a hold on your mail. While you’re at it, put your newspaper delivery on hold as well, and ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for any packages or other deliveries.

Set your alarm.
The dog is at the kennel. The kitchen has been cleaned. The bags are in the car. The only thing left to do is set your home alarm — and go have fun. And if you forget to set your alarm as you head out the door, remember Alexa’s just a quick swipe away.

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