7 Tips to Create Cozy Pet Spaces


They’re loyal, cuddly and may be your best bud. So, when it comes to our furry friends, why not give them a space they will love (besides your bed)? Think key must-haves, like comfort and accessibility, or choose fun, over-the-top pet picks. Even particular pooches and fastidious felines will love these purr-fect pet zone ideas.

1. Designate their own spaces.
Keep beds or crates in an area easy to clean and comfortable for your pet, like the laundry room. As an added bonus of placing the crates in the laundry room: Detergent and dryer sheets help fend off pet odors.

2. Consider built-ins.
Pet areas built into a low cabinet offer a soft place to snuggle. Don’t have room for a built-in? There are tons of other fun ideas for pet beds. Cat or dog beds that don’t actually look like beds can be fun and range from teepees to pieces of cake.

3. Create a doggie dining station.
You can buy a pre-made version – check out the Gamma 2 installations at our Almeria models, or make your own from an inexpensive cabinet or small kitchen cart. A floor-level drawer pulls out to hold Rex’s water and food bowls, while there’s handy storage for doggie treats and food up top.

4. Lose the litter box.
Empty out one section of a cabinet to create a perfect space to hide the unsightly litter box. When guests are over, simply shut the cabinet door and the litter box is out of sight.

5. Establish a splash zone in the backyard.
Water-loving dogs will appreciate a water feature or even a small kiddie pool to play in. You can always also use it as a grooming station.

Small pug wading through kiddie pool.

Select floor plans in the gated 55+ enclave at Verano feature farmhouse-style sinks for cleaning smaller pups.

6. Save space.
De-clutter by removing unsightly dog crates. Buy or build a dog crate to double as an end table instead. If DIY isn’t your style, there are plenty available for purchase.

7. Just for fun.
For the past several years, Pardee Homes has stepped up to build pawesome pet homes to benefit HomeAid Southern Nevada in their annual Project Playhouse® fundraiser. While this year’s “Modern Mutt” (shown below) and “Kat Kondo” are pretty posh, maybe they’ll inspire some ideas for your own pet.

The Modern Mutt doghouse built by Pardee Homes in Las Vegas.

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