Tips to Keep Your Kids Reading


Between swim lessons, bike rides and day camp, reading often gets lost in the shuffle of summer activities. Keep your child’s mind active while enjoying all summer has to offer with these helpful tips.

1. Create a special space in your house just for reading. The environment you create in your home is an essential component in your child’s academic success. Give them a private place to escape and focus on reading. A nook or tent in the backyard will give them a cozy place to call their own. Visit our “Children’s Bedrooms” Pinterest board for inspiration.

2. Build a home library. Create an inviting space where books are kept within reach. Browse bookstore sales, garage sales or thrift stores to start building your collection.

3. Let them choose. Children are more likely to finish a book they discover on their own. Sit back and let them browse the bookstore, Kindle or even their own bookshelf.

4. Establish a routine. Designate at least 20 minutes for reading each day, and have your child log their time in a reading journal. Consider creating milestones and rewards for hitting them, such as a trip to the ice cream shop.

5. Make a summer reading bucket list. Brainstorm challenges, such as finishing a book with more than 100 pages, to make summer reading feel like an adventure. Create your own bingo card or download this fun printable by Random House.

6. Create a neighborhood book club. This is a fun way for kids to share their favorite stories with friends and discover new ones. Consider setting up a book-lending system with other parents.

7. Lead by example. Children are like little mirrors, reflecting everything that happens in their environment. Send the right message to your children by reading in front of them.

How do you keep your child reading during the summer?

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