6 Dream Homes from TV Shows

Dream homes play a prominent role in many television shows and movies. Whether famous for their fictional residents or stand-out features (bright orange countertops, anyone?), a number are based on residences that are 100 percent real. Here are some of our favorites.


Olivia Pope’s (played by actress Kerry Washington) toney Washington, D.C., apartment features plenty of white – snowy couches, milky tufted wing chairs and white kitchen cabinetry. The actress is often outfitted in pale, elegant ensembles in keeping with her image as a “white knight.” The design element is ironic, since Washington’s character drinks red wine. A lot.

The Brady Bunch

From 1969-1974, the Bradys’ blended household lived in a mod, new age home designed by Mike Brady, the family’s dad and an architect in the show. The residence featured an open staircase, stacked stone fireplace, tons of paneling and those iconic orange kitchen countertops.

Full House

Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s sitcom, the Tanner household was the example of a modern family. Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey raised DJ, Steph and Michelle in a classic San Francisco Victorian. The actual house is located on Broderick Street in the city’s Lower Pacific Heights area.

The Notebook

In this weepy romance based on the Nicholas Sparks-penned novel, Noah (portrayed by chiseled ab actor Ryan Gosling) fulfills his promise to build his love, Allie (played by Rachel McAdams), a white house with blue shutters. The real life version is on Martin Point Plantation on South Carolina’s Wadamalow Island.


This nighttime soap opera about a Texas oil magnate and his family premiered in 1978, ran for 13 years and experienced a resurrection on cable in 2012. Southfork, the family’s sprawling ranch featured a 6,000+ square foot home where multiple generations of the Ewings lived. The property is now a special events venue and a tourist destination in the Lone Star State.

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw’s (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) Manhattan brownstone was the setting for many scenes in the show and fictionally located on the Upper East Side between Park and Madison. The real apartment building with its famous front stoop is in the West Village on Perry Street.  The front steps are now roped off to discourage overzealous fans from parking on the steps, but you can still snap a photo in front of the building.

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