8 Laundry Room Essentials for Every Home


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Used by many as the multi-purpose hub of the home, laundry rooms often have several functions in addition to washing and drying – a home for all your cleaning supplies, a place for your pet’s accessories, a catch-all for your kids’ mountain of sports equipment, coats, shoes, rain gear and more. With all those needs, your laundry room may need a little extra organizing attention. Here are eight laundry room essentials to turn your laundry room into a clean, ordered place that works for your family.

Keep wrinkles at bay.
Install a built-in or fold-down ironing board to maximize space, or use an ironing blanket that sits on top of the dryer. They come in magnetized versions so they don’t move while you iron, are less expensive than a traditional ironing board and fold easily for storage.

Make the switch to reusable.
Reusable dryer balls in wool, rubber or plastic, are an affordable alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets. They lift and separate fabrics so more air can pass through them, decreasing drying time and saving energy.

Tip: If you use wool dryer balls, you can add two drops of essential oils to them to make your clothes or linens smell fresh longer.

Give your back a break.
If you’re standing a lot in your laundry room, especially to fold, invest in an anti-fatigue mat. They are durable, comfortable and take a load off your back and legs. Plus, they come in a variety of designs and colors to match your style.

Add your own style.
Make your laundry room a place you want to be by decorating it like any other room in your home. Hang framed artwork or prints. Paint it a fun color. Put all your detergents and supplies in baskets or glass canisters for a clean, organized space that will make finding what you need a breeze.

For hand-wash only items.
If you don’t have a laundry room sink, or want to use something else to hand-wash items in, try a medium-sized basin or tub. They come in different materials and sizes, so you can pick the one that works for your needs. There are even ones that collapse flat when not in use.

You’ve got it in the bag.
Mesh, zippered laundry bags are essential and work for many different items. Use them to wash sweaters, delicates, tights, pantyhose and more. They are inexpensive and last a long time, while keeping your clothes looking new.

Tip: Use mesh laundry bags to corral your socks. Put all your socks in the bag, zip it up and throw it in the wash, then the dryer. Never lose a sock again!

To hang or not to hang.
Carve out a space to hang clothes, whether on a drying rack or on hangers on a curtain rod. Don’t have room for one of those? You can use hanging options like valet rods and over-the-door hooks. Also, add wall hooks or shelves to create a home for things like leashes, keys, lint rollers and your kids’ unwieldy backpacks.

Live smarter.
All homes by Pardee Homes include laundry rooms that are designed to fit your everyday needs, working harder so you don’t have to. Plus, each home includes EnergySmart® technology, as part of the LivingSmart® program, to help reduce your utility bill and save energy.

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