Inspiration: Kids’ Bedrooms


Imagination can take you anywhere. And when it’s time to decorate your new home, you’ll want to unleash your inner creativity to include comfort, visual interest and personal touches your whole family can enjoy.

That’s especially true in your child’s bedroom. Here are some ways to celebrate his or her unique interests and ingenuity.

Paint a mural. A wall mural can provide a focal point for the bedroom. It can also transport your child to a galaxy far, far away.

Open an art gallery. Turn your child’s greatest masterpiece into a piece of wall art. Your local craft store can help you frame the art or mount it on poster board for a more finished look.

Start scrapbooking. With a collection of nice picture frames and a few sheets of your favorite scrapbook paper, you can create one-of-a-kind artwork that ranges from quirky to stunning.

Reach for the sky. The ceiling is another canvas for your creativity. Paper lanterns and hanging mobiles can be a fun way to include family photos, cherished mementos and handmade art.

Track milestones. Use inked handprints on the wall to create your own growth chart. You can add dates and height information on the palm of each hand.

Provide a blank slate. Paint a wall with chalk board paint. Install oversized sheets of metal and fun magnets. Or hang a beautifully framed whiteboard, giving your child a defined space to express himself.

Build a castle or fort. Whether you drape fabrics over the bed or build a more elaborate hideaway, your child will thank you for providing a way to disappear into her own magical world.

Give them some space. Teenagers cherish a place of their own to escape to. A few simple touches help the room to reflect their personality and interests.

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