Baby Showers That Rock


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Today, baby showers are more focused on fun, rather than tradition. If you are hosting (or helping) with a baby shower, amp up the festivities with some modern flair. Here are some tips to help your fete shake, rattle and roll.

Do not surprise the mom-to-be.
Showers are usually thrown about a month or two before the due date, but it’s always best to ask the parents-to-be when they want to celebrate. Pregnant honorees may not be feeling their best at the end of that last trimester, and adoptive moms may want to wait until after a child is welcomed home.

Plan an event with a twist.
Instead of a standard baby shower, consider a different kind of event. Think about hosting a crafting party, where everyone creates a scrapbook page with different stickers, borders and art, to be compiled into a special gift for the mom-to-be. Or consider another popular option, the spa party. Find local mobile services that offer mani/pedis, massages or facials and will come to you and your guests.

Include the men.
Though most baby showers tend to follow a “ladies only” format, it’s perfectly fine to break tradition and invite the baby’s father and other male friends and family members to the bash. If the mom wants to make it a family affair, invite the kids, too. This may be especially thoughtful if the shower is not for the first child.

Update the games.
Ask guests to bring a baby picture of when they were adorable tots. Display the photos on a magnetic or cork board, or string them up with clothespins and twine. Have guests try to decipher who’s who. Or try another matching game: link up unusual celebrity baby names with their famous parents. Blue Ivy, Apple and North West might be easy, but what about Rocket and Kal-El? Search Google for more unusual monikers. A fun game the whole family can participate in is batting a piñata. Fill it with treats that are blue or pink.

Serve mocktails.
It may be tempting to serve Bellinis or mimosas, but you don’t want the mom-to-be to feel left out. Instead, stir up a sparkly alcohol-free punch. Bonus: sticking to non-alcoholic beverages helps keep party costs down.

Include the best gift – time.
While living with a newborn is obviously a blessing, it can be a challenge to find much-needed down time. Ask each guest to make a “gift certificate” for something she or he can do to help the new parents in the first months that the baby is home. Doing the laundry/grocery shopping, babysitting or cooking (or picking up) dinner all will be appreciated. After the shower, put all the certificates in a booklet or pretty box so the new parents can redeem when they need the help.

Be sensitive.
Welcoming a new baby can bring up strong emotions for some guests. Be mindful of friends who have miscarried or are having trouble conceiving. That doesn’t mean you have to walk on eggshells – just gently check in to make sure she is comfortable participating and don’t judge if she decides not to.   

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