Beautiful Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas


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Pardee Homes’ LivingSmart® program extends beyond the inside of your home. As the need to conserve water becomes ever more important, drought tolerant landscaping has taken center stage. But just because your yard is designed to conserve water, doesn’t mean you have to give up your gardening dreams. Whether your home has it yet or not, drought tolerant landscaping has the potential to turn your yard into a Zen paradise, while giving your home some real curb appeal. Here are a few ideas to get your started:

Succulents: Succulents are everything these days. Not only are they beautiful, they are very easy to maintain and require very little watering. Mix and match succulents of different sizes, tones and textures to give your yard interesting layers. And be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more great ideas!

Gravel: Gravel comes in a variety of interesting colors and textures. Slate blue river stone, white egg pebbles and smooth beach rocks, to name a few. Combined with succulents, gravel can give your yard a relaxing, meditative vibe.

Cacti: The most famous low-water plant, cacti require very little maintenance and are easy to grow. And these beautiful plants only need a little fertilizer once a year!

Artificial Grass: If you are still looking for something to roll around in, a popular option is artificial grass. Soft enough for children to play around in, artificial grass comes with an upfront cost, but can save time and money over the next decade or more.

Fescue and Perennials: Low water doesn’t mean low color! There are plenty of plants that can bring excitement to your lawn without using too much water. Fescue and perennials are a couple of our favorites!

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