Caring for a Special Older Loved One? Make Your Home Safe.


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Whether you have a bustling multi-generation household or periodically check on an independent senior, show your gratitude to this special loved one by putting their safety at the forefront. Many home safety ideas are easy to implement and will pay off in peace of mind and comfort for you and your special one. 

Start with lighting.
Dim lights can result in potentially dangerous falls in adults 65 and older. Put nightlights or LED lights in bathrooms, hallways and stairwells. Install “clapper” lights in main rooms, and add lamps on bedside tables. For closets, pantries and garages, consider battery-powered motion sensor lights, which switch on automatically. 

Create a senior-friendly bathroom.
Falls often happen at night when a person who is taking medication or groggy from sleep heads toward the powder room. Nightlights are a good start, but take safety a step further and install grab bars, handrails or both in the bathroom.

Consider adding a high-rise toilet for easier navigation. In the shower, put in grab bars, plus a shower chair if needed. Replace wall-mounted showerheads with hand-held ones. More elaborate modifications, such as no step-showers or walk-in bathtubs, may be a good fit for seniors who find it difficult to negotiate stepping into a tub. 

Avoid slippery slopes.
Make sure the pathway from bed to the bathroom is free of obstacles. Look for protruding electrical cords, books or items stacked on floors or any other loose hazards that might not be seen.

Remove throw rugs and stair runners, leaving floors and stairs without potential tripping hazards. If carpet is necessary, opt for a low-pile rug. 

Change rings for flashes.
If your loved one struggles with hearing, change out the phone for a more welcoming one that has a flashing light when an incoming call occurs. Opt for a light that flashes when the doorbell rings, too. 

Harness technology.
There are plenty of smart devices and systems that can help your senior, even if he or she is not tech-savvy. Set up a popular voice-controlled smart device that allows your senior to play music, search the web and peruse the weather or news with a simple spoken request. Consider systems to automate lights, thermostats and locks. Show your senior how to use interactive touch screens to video chat, keep up with appointments via a calendar or even order groceries. 

Have a sit-in.
Test the furniture your senior uses. Sit down and get up, making sure it is sturdy, the proper height and has armrests to support a person when sitting down or arising. Replace chairs or sofas if arms or legs are wobbly. Raise the overall height of too-low furniture with cushions or foot risers. 

Keep the heat.
Many seniors prefer a warmer environment. Check out heat-control window film, thermal curtains or solar shades.

Clear clutter.
This may be a delicate issue if your loved one has many treasured mementos. Try organizing and displaying them, but rotating the items for your senior. Pare back furniture if there is too much.

Looking for a home that is senior- and family-friendly? One of our New Home Specialists would love to help you. Be sure to ask about our GenSmart Suite plans to learn more about this smart solution for multi-generational families.

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