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If a radical overhaul seems too daunting, take heart. Even small steps can help you feel more organized and less stressed. With clean countertops, you can take on the world. Let’s get started!

Create a plan.
Begin with one room at a time. Starting small, like a bath or pantry, is totally fine. When it’s finished, tackle the next area. Be persistent, and eventually you will enjoy a home with much less clutter.

Turn clutter clearing into a fun challenge.
Try the 12-12-12 game. Locate 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate and 12 items to be returned to a proper space. This can be an exciting way to quickly organize 36 things in your house and a fun way to get the kids involved. Or take just one trash bag and fill it with items to donate to a local shelter or worthy organization. Repeat the following week.

Designate Keep, Toss and Donate items.
Food dehydrator or waffle iron taking up valuable space? If you have appliances or clothing that have not been used in a year or more, consider donating them. Move rarely used items to the Toss or Donate pile. Tip: Keep a bin for Donate items, and take them to drop off right away. Don’t let the bin sit and gather dust.

Clear your countertops.
Whether kitchen or bath, counters are generally a catch-all for all sorts of items – mail, keys, appliances and toiletries. Clear everything off except a few essentials, such as the coffee maker and knife set. Put away, toss or donate the cleared items. In the bathroom, remove expired make-up, abandoned cologne and products you don’t use. This small declutter step will make a big difference.

Tackle drawers and shelves.
This may be the most time-consuming task, but the end reward is great. One room at a time, pull everything out of drawers and off of shelves. Keep what you need, and purge the rest. You may be surprised at how many pairs of black pants or bars of soap you really have.

Organize with bins, baskets and other containers.
Dividers, drawer organizers and baskets make drawer and shelf organization a breeze. Pick up inexpensive, clear organizers, or use dividers to keep your items at hand and under control. For items you use daily, organize them neatly on a tray, or put them in an easily accessible drawer or on a shelf.

Group like items together.
Whether plastic storage containers or eye cream, group related items together. For example, put cooking utensils, pots and pans in a space near the stove. In the pantry, place baking supplies away on a shelf with your mixer. Cleaning supplies should get their own zone. You get the idea.

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