Create a Pantry Paradise!

Who doesn’t love neatly stacked shelves with items all in a row? Or strategically placed containers with essentials right at your fingertips? Just in time for the New Year, apply some of those organizational skills to your pantry. You’ll never have to hunt for the cinnamon or couscous again.

A few helpful tips will help you stay organized and turn your pantry into a no clutter storage zone.

Prep Rally
• First, take everything out of your pantry. Look for past due expiration dates and empty containers. Throw ‘em out. Sort the rest by type.
• Thoroughly clean the shelves, and install new shelf paper if needed.
• Add a magnetized bulletin board or self-adhesive cork tiles on the inside of your pantry door to create a perfect space to display recipes or keep your grocery list.

Optimal Organization
• Baking staples, such as flour and sugar, will stay fresher and store more compactly in clear, airtight containers. Look for glass canisters or jars with airtight lids. Bonus: Many attractive or decorative options are available. Try The Container Store or Pottery Barn.
• If room, store other baking essentials like mixing bowls and measuring cups/spoons on the same shelf with your baking supplies. That will save you valuable time later.
• Gather icings, sprinkles and other candy toppings, cupcake liners and food coloring bottles into a small box. Stored all together, it will be a snap to find the decorations you need for inspired baking.

• Discard battered cereal boxes, and store corn flakes, oatmeal and granola in their own generous plastic containers. Cereal will stay fresher, and your shelves will be neater.
• Take advantage of turntables. Use a smaller one for spices and spreads and a larger one for canned goods.
• Corral bags of beans and rice in high sided plastic containers or trays. Long, narrow ones slide easily and use the full depth of your cabinet space.

Other Storage Solutions
• Install an under shelf wire basket for breads and baked goods.
• Keep on hand a variety of disposable plastic snap containers and/or plastic bags. They’re great for snacks or leftovers.

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