Create a Welcoming Entryway


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Give your friends and family a warm welcome when they come to visit. An inviting entryway should reflect your personal style and make you (and your guests) happy as soon as you walk through the door.

Use these ideas for an entryway that beckons, “Make yourself at home!”

Make a good first impression.
Most visitors will enter your home through the front entrance. Consider adding a cheery welcome mat with greenery or seasonal flowers in pretty pots. Even non-gardeners can nurture sturdy plants with regular watering.

Invite in opportunity.
Remove clutter from your yard, pathway and front porch. According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, this allows positive energy to flow into your home.

Create as much light as possible.
If your entryway doesn’t have a lot of natural light, add an attractive overhead hanging light and/or sconces for an ambient glow. You can layer light with existing fixtures, such as placing an accent lamp on a table, which will be a welcoming beacon after dark.

Fashion an artful story.
The entryway is a great way to introduce what is important to you. Antiques, like a steamer trunk or small table, artwork or a wall display of framed family photographs or kids’ creations make a statement. Go nostalgic or modern, whatever suits your style.

Set the tone.
Whether you use iron, wood, rustic or more glamorous elements, the entry should set the tone for the rest of your home. If there’s room, include a rug that reflects your style. Be sure to pick one that is durable enough to stand up to heavy use.

Provide a place to hang.
To corral scarves, hats and rain jackets, consider placing racks with hooks in your entryway. Underneath add a bench for seating or cubbies for storage. Scale your furniture to your area size.

Offer creative seating.
A bench is a practical and welcome seating solution, but there are many options. Consider a reclaimed church pew, flea market find chair or even a sturdy wooden toy box with the added bonus of storage inside. Add decorative pillows, cushions or a cozy throw for personality.

Wrap up with finishing touches.
A small, attractive table or chest allows you a place to showcase framed photos, fresh flowers and a pretty tray for your keys, which is practical, too.

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