Create a Zen Zone


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Deadlines. Work. School events. Sports practice. Life can be hectic, so it’s important to have a comfortable place to retreat and recharge. Now is a great time to create a cozy sanctuary in your home to relax and have some time just for yourself.

Create your personal oasis with these easy-to-implement tips.

Designate a Zen space.
Carve some simple but sweet space from an unused bedroom, nook or even a corner. Whether an entire room or just a niche, be sure it is quiet, calm and gets some natural light.

Choose soothing colors.
Spa-esque hues like aqua, fern and taupe promote feelings of calmness and relaxation. Or if you gravitate toward earthy tones, choose your favorites in muted shades.

Think about your favorite pastimes.
Create an area that allows you to indulge in what you like to do – yoga, crafts or curling up with a good book and a cup of herbal tea. Include items you will need – a yoga mat, comfortable chair or art supplies. Keep it simple, however; clutter does not promote well-being.

Let it be light.
Remove harsh fluorescent lights, which tend to be too intense to encourage serenity. Choose softer lighting. Consider lighting that can dim or brighten so you can set it to your mood and liking.

Include comfortable seating.
When it comes to furniture, think simple but comfortable. Keep the colors subdued and not distracting. If you only want your yoga mat, that is perfectly fine.

Bring nature inside.
Plants offer multiple benefits, so are a great addition to your Zen zone. They improve air quality and brighten your space with natural color. Stick to easy-care options like succulents or a bonsai tree.

Leave the electronics out of your Zen zone so you can truly escape. The only exception is if you are using your phone or other device to fill your space with music or nature sounds.

Personalize your retreat.
Embrace sounds, scents and items that refresh your soul and make you happy. Play the peaceful sounds of the ocean or rain forest, or a pretty piano concerto. Make your space pretty and fragrant with fresh flowers, or light a favorite candle. Enjoy essential oils. Add favorite pillows, plush throws, photos or even a small water fountain to trickle in the background. Remember, the main goal is to make your Zen zone appealing and serene to you.

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