Design Hacks for Your New Home


After you’ve completed the change of address cards, making your home unique ranks high on the to-do list. Make the most of your new space with these smart ideas.

Label Everything

Having a label maker during the unpacking process will help you establish an allocated place for every item in your new home and keep everyone in the know on what goes where. The latest generation of label makers has a wide array of colors, fonts, patterns, sizes and tapes to choose from. Label your electronics, cords, cabinets, boxes and more.

Corral Your Cords

Hide unsightly cords to your chargers, lamp, TV and other electronics by hanging a basket under a table or desk. All you’ll need is an inexpensive wire basket, a few cup hooks and clear cord organizing clips! See the full DIY here.

Take Inventory of Your Closet

Moving is the perfect time to take inventory of your closet. As you unpack, snap photos of your clothes, and upload them to the Stylebook app. Save your outfit ideas and plan what to wear in advance. Mount your tablet on the closet door for easy viewing. No tablet? No problem – hang a bulletin or dry erase board in your closet to plan outfits.

Line Your Shelves 

diy fabric drawer liners 3

Add a splash of style to your storage space (and prevent small items from falling through gaps if you have wire shelves) with shelf liners. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and even scents, you’re sure to find one that matches your personal style. Or, make your own by following these steps.

Fridge Coasters

Keep your ice box looking like it did on move-in day with Fridge Coasters. These absorbent liners are designed specifically for your refrigerator’s bins and shelves and will make cleanup a breeze. Get yours here

Beautify Your Beauty Products

Costco-sized Listerine bottle hogging all the bathroom counter space? Use clear acrylic dispensers as an elegant way to store your not-so-pretty beauty products, and leave the original bottles in the cabinet for refills. Find them at Muji, The Container Store or IKEA.

Create a Pet Organization Station

Help your pets get settled into their new home and help yourself stay organized by creating a station to house their toys, treats and other necessities. Follow Martha Stewart’s instructions here.

How do you keep your home looking beautiful? Share your best kept secrets with us in the comments below. 

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