Discover Your Garage’s Potential


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The garage is a great place for storing cars, holiday decorations, rusted-out pogo sticks and your good-as-new treadmill. But when your home has a three- or four-bay garage, you can improve on that, and set up dedicated space for the things you love. Consider the possibilities!

Pump it Up

Why bother commuting to the gym? Whether you lift weights or practice yoga, a garage bay is the perfect size for a personalized workout space. Set up a fan, lay down rubber flooring, and hang up some cheesy motivational posters. No excuses, just results!

Studio Time

More the creative type? Give yourself room to express yourself without worrying about making a mess in the house. Use the extra garage space to bring in an easel, desk or, if you’re particularly ambitious, a giant block of marble to chisel your own Venus de Milo. Want to really impress the neighbors? Leave the garage door open so passersby can admire your masterpiece.


For the handy person, garage space is a priceless commodity. As you can imagine, being forced to work with power tools in a cramped environment can be a recipe for disaster. But with the luxury of an open bay in your garage, you can finally get around to crossing things off of your project list. It’s about time you refurbish that Porsche!

Go Vertical

Find you’ve got too much junk cluttering up your garage? One of the best ways to store things in the garage is to install vertical storage. Tall, open shelving units and hanging shelves are great for the seldom used items that you want to keep around. Home Depot has a vast and affordable selection sure to excite the Tetris player in all of us.

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