Everything You Need for the Perfect Picnic


There’s no better time to plan a picnic than during the lazy days of summer. Whether it’s in your backyard or in a nearby park, a picnic is a low-maintenance, laid-back al fresco adventure.  With a little planning, your picnic will be picture-perfect and memory-making.

Create a picnic-friendly menu.
Make your menu easy to prepare, transport and spread out on a blanket or picnic table. Give a cold pasta salad a little pizzazz by preparing and serving it in a mason jar. Add in a tub of fresh-cut fruit or a watermelon salad for a welcome treat on warm summer days. Sandwich wraps are great make-ahead options. Round out your spread with a pitcher of fresh lemonade and some homemade cookies.

Keep a well-stocked picnic kit.
Whether you use a picnic basket, a shopping bag or even a box, you’ll need something to wrangle all your picnic supplies. Gather a picnic blanket to use on the ground or as a table cover. Add in plates, napkins, cups, a trash bag, bug spray, sunscreen, utensils, non-perishable food and condiments. Throw in a few plastic bags or containers for leftovers. Packing tip: fill your picnic basket in reverse order, so the things you need first are at the top and easier to unpack.

Organize your ice chest.
Your cooler should be about 25 percent ice, 75 percent food. Place your ice on the bottom and sides of your ice chest. Then layer the cold foods on top starting with the heaviest and most perishable. Load cold items directly from the refrigerator. Don’t fret about overfilling your cooler; a full ice chest chills more efficiently.

Consider packing a separate cooler for drinks. That minimizes the number of times your food cooler is opened, helping your ice last longer.

Add in a little entertainment.
Enjoying the surrounding natural beauty may be all the entertainment you seek. But if you want to add a bit more fun to your picnic, bring along a few games. Load up a football and Frisbee®, bocce, ladder golf or other favorite family pastime. Or, just plan a post-meal hike along one of the many trails near a Pardee Homes community.

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