Gallery Walls Galore


Family photos, treasured artwork and mirrors can make a high-impact statement when displayed as a gallery. If you’re looking for inspiration for creating a gallery wall in your home, check our Pinterest board for ideas.

Have a Plan

All you need is kraft paper, scissors, a pen and painter’s tape. Trace your frames onto the kraft paper and then cut out and tape the paper on your wall where you would like your frames to go. This will help you arrange—and rearrange—your frames without destroying your wall in the process.

Creative Composition

Getting the right composition can be a little tricky but using the kraft paper will definitely minimize do-overs. Be sure that your arrangement complements nearby furniture appropriately and is a pleasing height. It helps to create groupings of small frames within the gallery. Small frames will help extend the length and height of your composition.

Variety is Key

Use different styles of frames, incorporate pops of colors, and experiment with textured or three-dimensional items to add interest.  Simple gallery walls look just as amazing as eclectic ones; you just have to find the perfect fit for your personal style.

Curated Favorites

The most interesting gallery walls display objects collected over time. Repurpose frames and artwork you already own, and start collecting pieces you cherish to expand your gallery wall.

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