Genius Storage Hacks


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According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, your environment profoundly impacts your health, wealth, family life, relationships and even your destiny. That’s a powerful reason to get home chaos (er, clutter) under control!

Now is a great time to generate some harmony and success. Get started with innovative solutions to create a clean, organized space. It’s the perfect way to streamline your routine (and life!). We’ve rounded up some excellent storage/organization hacks to inspire you to make this your most organized year yet.

For the Kitchen

Rock and roll. Use a small rolling cart to bring kitchen necessities right where you need them. This works great for toiletries in a powder room, too.

Install carousels. Build or buy turntables for additional storage and easy access. Place one beside your stove for easy access to cooking utensils or spices, or use them in your pantry.

Think outside of the shoebox. Shoe storage containers can be used for a wealth of storage ideas.

Staircases. Turn the unused space under your stairs into an inspired storage area for wine, books or other items.

For the Bath

See clearly. Look for acrylic trays and stacking drawers, optimal organizers that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These products allow you to easily organize and store makeup, shaving supplies or bath products.

Tray chic. Conserve precious counter space by using tiered cake or serving platters to display you products in an attractive way.

For the Bedroom

Choose the window seat. Cozy up with a book on rainy days. Or watch for falling stars. Both are perfect on your own window seat made out of pre-made storage. Bonus: it’s a great place to store purses, bedding or whatnots in your room.

Linen organization. Choose a single color for the different sized beds in your home – white for king, cream for queen, blue for twin, etc. You’ll never have to hunt for the right size sheets again.

Kid-friendly spaces. Include your children in your organization efforts. They can use plastic shoe holders for toys and stuffed animals. Have them create designated shelves or spaces just for their toys and books.

Basket cases. Baskets are another great storage option. Store sweaters, socks, purses and much more.

Scarf ingenuity. Use individual shower hooks in your closet to keep scarves and belts tidy.

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