GenSmart: Amazing Guest Rooms


Meadow Ridge Plan 3X GenSmart Suite®

Plush, cozy towels in the bath. Fresh cookies warm from the oven. Plus, a private entrance and separate living and dining areas. Your home will have all the comfort and little luxuries of a four star hotel with a Pardee Homes GenSmart Suite – a home within your home. Welcome your guests in a big way with thoughtful extras and their own private space.

The Best of All Worlds
Whether for an extended stay or a quick weekend, your guests (and you!) will appreciate the accommodating design of a GenSmart Suite from Pardee Homes. This unique space allows guests to relax in their own private getaway, but still enjoy being close to family or friends. The accommodating design, with separate eating, living and sleeping areas, plus its own entrance, is a treat for out-of-town friends, in-laws or adult children visiting for the holidays.

Sweet Dreams
Everyone’s different when it comes to temperature preferences. Ensure your guest bed is comfortable for anyone by layering. Start with crisp sheets (higher thread counts are the most luxurious), add a cotton blanket and include a folded down comforter at the foot of the bed. Look for affordable comforter options at IKEA or Target.

Midnight and Other Timely Snacks
In a GenSmart Suite, guests will have access to their own wet bar area. Stock it with a nice array of coffees, teas, juice or bottled water. Your guests will appreciate a basket of energy bars, fresh or dried fruit, bags of nuts or other prepackaged snacks. Don’t forget eating utensils.

You’ll get raves for your hosting if you fully prepare for your guests’ needs. Have extra supplies on hand, such as toiletries, blankets and additional pillows. Don’t forget hand and bath soap and toilet paper.

Extra Touches
Add niceties to your guest room, such as an alarm clock, local guidebooks or a favorite book you’ve read recently. Or include fun magazines that reflect your guests’ interests on the nightstand. WiFi would be an especially appreciated bonus if you can provide access, as would a phone charger.

Right Light
Guests will appreciate a nod to their needs with the right lighting. Consider placing sconces above the bed or a lamp on a night table for easy reading before slumber. Blackout curtains can help guests get a good night’s sleep.


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