Uncluttered Closet Bliss

For some, the closet is an oasis of organization. For others, it’s where the shoes (shirts, jeans, athletic equipment, old yearbooks, broken lamps and more) reside. For most of us, it’s somewhere in between. When accommodating a host of needs, it’s easy to lose control in the closet. But, a few helpful tips will help you minimize closet clutter and stay organized.

Closet organization 101 – Get started!
First, weed out items you don’t wear or don’t need (pastel bridesmaid dresses, anyone?). Be ruthless.

Real Simple says to choose just one type of hanger to avoid a chaotic jumble of metal and wood. Hang garments facing the same way. If you’re really ambitious about closet organization, color-coordinate or organize by season.

Maximize space by using storage bins or baskets placed on top shelves. Use storage containers to stash belts, scarves, purses and even swimsuits. Select different bins or label similar containers so you know what’s inside.

Amp up the storage. No built-ins? No problem. Use hanging shelves or even prop a ladder against the back wall of your closet. Voila – instant and eclectic shoe rack.

Don’t ignore the door. Pick up over-the-door shoe organizers to get those sandals and stilettos off the floor.
A special rack with hooks to hold belts, scarves and accessories is a great organizational tool.

Keep your closet clean and neat

Label it. If you add labels to baskets, bins and plastic storage containers, you’ll be more likely to corral the clutter and return items to where they belong.

Smart sweater storage. Sweaters and knitted items keep their shape better and last longer when stored folded in cedar-lined drawers or boxes, safe from pesky moths and the environment.

Take advantage of vertical space with tiered hangers. Use them to hang shorts and skirts. Store seasonal or rarely used items in the back or on top shelves.

Stick to a budget without sacrificing style

Many inexpensive closet organization items – hooks, hanging rods, pullout bins, shoe racks and adjustable shelving are available to take advantage of style and volume without breaking the budget.

Take advantage of free in-store consultations. If the task of closet organization is too overwhelming, get some help. Many stores, such as The Container Store, offer free personalized assistance.

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