Ways to Help Holiday Guests Feel at Home


Catching up with friends and family is a special part of the holidays. Whether you’re entertaining a few extra guests at your holiday meal or inviting the in-laws to stay for a week, a little preparation can help your visitors feel especially welcome and increase your comfort level, too.

Consider these six essential tips for entertaining guests in your home this holiday season:

Provide comfort and joy.
For overnight guests, try to stock their space with everything they might need. An alarm clock, an extra blanket and some reading material can help guests feel at home. Special touches like bottles of water, snacks, razors and toothbrushes (in case the latter are forgotten) will be appreciated. Note: Place toiletries in plain sight or show guests where they are – because nothing’s worse than having to ask for toilet paper.

Include something meaningful.
For guests that are joining you for dinner or celebrations, ask what traditions they most enjoy for the holidays. Perhaps there is a dish or custom that holds particular significance for them. If so, invite them to share it.

No merry in dairy?
You might want to inquire about dietary restrictions, too. The last thing you want is for your brother’s new girlfriend to have a reaction to the milk punch.

Early riser or night owl?
Inquire about your guest’s typical schedule so you know what to expect. If you have an early riser staying with you, there’s no reason to feel obligated to wake up at dawn with them. But consider what they might need and give instructions for the coffee maker or your five remotes. Perhaps set out a coffee and/or tea selection and a stocked fruit bowl the night before for them to enjoy.

Make-ahead is your best friend.
Reduce your stress and increase the amount of time you can enjoy with your guests by preparing the majority of your menu with make-ahead items. Think a buffet or potluck with easy-peasy make-ahead cheese balls, roasted veggies and warmed rolls with shaved home-style deli meats.

Let your guests help!
Part of the fun of the holidays is decorating, cooking, wrapping gifts, setting the table and all the other special details that go into the celebration. Let your guests participate in the prep. It’s a double win – you’ll have less to do and they’ll feel welcome and included in the festivities.

Send off with fabulous favors.
If you’re making homemade snack mix, holiday cookies or personalized ornaments, make a few extra and wrap them up for your guests to take away after their wonderful stay.

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