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Owning a new home is an exciting chapter in your life, and how to keep it in tip-top-shape is something experienced homeowners know well. Every home needs a little extra love over the years so that it can function how you always imagined–and how you deserve. Our homes take care of us, so let’s take care of them.

A new home should have limited issues but here are some routine maintenance tasks you’ll want to do throughout the year.

Spending just a few hours a month knocking out these tasks can do wonders for keeping your home running smoothly.

  • Change furnace filters and remove any built-up dust so your HVAC system can operate efficiently.
  • Turn on the water periodically in any unused bathrooms. If your guest bath hasn’t been used in a while, keep it fully functioning by flushing the toilet and running the sink and shower every now and then.
  • If you have one, check your water softener system. Add salt to the brine tank if needed.
  • Clean the garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh. Grind ice cubes and then flush the disposal with hot water and baking soda.
  • Deep clean your range hood filter. Typically, you can just pop it in the dishwasher.
  • Give your floors a thorough mopping, scooting furniture out of the way so you can get all of the nooks and crannies.
  • Review your utility bills. If you see an unexpected spike, it could be a sign you have a leak, or maybe it’s time to adjust the thermostat to lower utility expenses.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
Spring cleaning is more than reorganizing your closets, it’s the ideal time to tackle some maintenance tasks.

  • Power wash windows and exteriors for a sparkling shine.
  • Inspect caulking around sinks, showers, tubs, windows and doors for cracks and damage, and repair as needed.
  • Clear out gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for anything that needs attention.
  • Check faucets and hoses for leaks.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist
Fortunately, many of these tasks are indoors so you can escape the summer heat.

  • Remove lint from washer hoses and dryer vents to help your appliances run smoothly.
  • Check for leaks under sinks, behind toilets and around the dishwasher.
  • Oil your garage door opener, chain and all door hinges to prevent squeaks and rattles.
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re functioning as expected.
  • Dust ceiling fan blades and other hard-to-reach areas.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist
With the season turning a new leaf, there are a few things to do to help ensure your home is running efficiently.

  • Replace the air conditioner and dryer filters.
  • Clear out gutters and downspouts, and keep an eye on them. You might need to do this more than once as surrounding foliage sheds leaves.
  • Trim trees and shrubs, and rake up leaves so your lawn is ready for winter.
  • Inspect the exterior, roof, driveway and foundation to make sure everything is in good repair.
  • Give garbage and recycling cans a good scrub.
  • Clean light fixtures.
  • Wipe down the backsplash and scrub tile grout.

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist
Keep these tips in mind to keep your home cozy, all winter long.

  • Clean drains in sinks, tubs, showers and dishwashers.
  • Clear fridge and freezer coils of dust.
  • Check for air leaks around windows and doors, including cracks in caulking or weatherstripping.
  • During freezing temperatures, disconnect your garden hose from the faucet, and remember to leave your faucets dripping.
  • Run ceiling fans clockwise to push hot air down and keep rooms warmer.

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