Home Upcycling Projects That Transform Old Into New


Before you discard those old items gathering dust around the house, give them another look. They just might be ripe for upcycling. With a little creativity and vision, you can transform old or vintage items into chic new focal points for your eco-friendly Pardee home. Here are some DIY upcycling ideas that will have your friends and neighbors raving.

Pay homage to wine country.
Wine-themed upcycling projects are a great way to incorporate regional wine materials into beautiful home accessories. If you’ve accumulated jars of wine corks from nearby or favorite wineries, there are nearly endless ways to put them to use. Let your imagination run wild! How about a cork serving tray using corks and an upcycled picture frame? Or, upcycle an old mirror by adding a cork frame for a high-end designer appeal. Before you start, thoroughly clean the corks to remove any odor or stains.

Wine bottles also create unique and useful items perfect for your LivingSmart® lifestyle. Add ambience to your Pardee home’s outdoor living area with upcycled wine bottle candleholders. With some Epsom salt, paint or glitter, you can transform used wine bottles into eye-popping vases with a modern vibe perfect for your home’s kitchen or living room.

Give new life to old furniture.
Think twice before recycling or donating that old chest of drawers, broken chair or scratched-up table. With a little elbow grease, it might be the beginning of your new favorite home accessory.

Transform a chest of drawers into a custom bar. Turn an old washstand or well-worn table into a night stand with a fresh coat of paint. And for that broken chair? Give it new life as an outdoor swing, porch planter or even bird bath.

Take upcycling outdoors.
You are living an eco-conscious lifestyle and making an effort to be green whenever possible, so incorporate upcycling into your landscaping as well. You can transform vintage cutlery (translated: otherwise going in the trash) into garden stakes to use in pots of herbs or in garden beds. Create a bird feeder with vintage tea cup sets, also great for using as herb planters for the kitchen. Check the garage for items headed to the trash. Almost anything can be turned into a planter, from old buckets and pallets to leftover landscaping materials.

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