Create a Kid-Friendly Closet


Keep organization simple when it comes to kids’ closets. With a few easy organizational tools, kids on the go can find just what they need in a snap. Try these easy ideas to clamp down on clutter and amp up the storage.

Organize by day
Grab seven baskets or bins, and label one for each day of the week. Let your child pick out an outfit for each day and place it in the bin. In the morning, smaller folk can find just what they need, saving time and stress for everyone.

Hanging out
Pair up matching outfits and place them on one hanger.

Corral the animals
Put a cute container, basket or bin in the closet for collecting the stuffed animals and other toys. Over-the-door shoe hanging bags are also a great organizational tool for stuffed animals, action figures and dolls.

Get hooked
Use shower hooks in the closet to hold belts, hair ribbons or even baseball caps.

Caddy for the kiddos
Take another tool from the bathroom. Hang a shower caddy to keep track of socks, hair bows or caps.

Basket business
Baskets are a great way to store out-of-season outfits or other items. Pottery Barn has super cute baskets with changeable chalkboard labels.

Don’t let floor space go to waste
Add a small dresser in the closet for expanded storage. If there’s not enough room for a dresser in the closet, plastic storage drawers are another effective storage method that won’t break the bank.

Need more space?
Repurpose an old bookshelf into a mini-closet. Add a compression bar to each shelf and hang up clothes that might not fit elsewhere.

Recycle and re-use
Keep a container in the closet on a top shelf for clothes that no longer fit. When your child outgrows the item, toss it in the bin for donation to a shelter or new-to-me clothes for a friend or younger sibling.

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