How to Make the Most of Your Garage Space


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Looking to declutter and reorganize your home? Don’t forget to consider your garage space. While its main purpose may be to store your car, your garage could be the solution to all your organizational needs.

The two- and three-bay garages in Pardee homes offer ample room for everything from extra storage to dedicated space for your creative pursuits. Here are a few ways you can repurpose your garage to create a truly useful space.

Pack it away.
Your garage is the perfect place to store oversized or bulky belongings. Stash away your sporting equipment during the off-season by hanging your skis on a wall rack and installing a suspension system for your kayak. Keep your gardening supplies organized by investing in a sturdy tool hanger and placing your gloves and extra flowerpots in a designated bin. No matter what you need to store, chances are you can find the room in your garage with some careful planning.

Create a home gym.
Want to move that treadmill out of your guest room? It will fit easily in your Pardee home’s garage with room to spare. In fact, you can convert your garage space into your own customized home gym. If you like to lift weights, there’s plenty of space for a weight bench. If you enjoy barre classes, you can install your own ballet barre and start perfecting your plié. With a dedicated space for the workouts you enjoy most, you will be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Let your inner artist shine.
Being an artist takes practice — and a lot of supplies. Set up your easel or table in your garage and let your creative juices flow. Setting up a well-organized art studio in your garage will create more space inside your home while giving you room to explore your passion. Bonus: When you turn your garage space into your own private studio, you don’t have to worry about getting paint on the walls or plaster on the carpet.

Tame the toys.
Are you constantly tripping over toys? Reclaim your living space by moving them to the garage. Your garage is great for storing seasonal or outdoor toys like bikes, skateboards, balls and beach buckets. Place smaller items in brightly colored containers so your children can recognize them, and keep them at kid height. Tip: Let your kids help organize their toys to get them excited about the new system.

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